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London to Whitstable | Motorcycle Ride


Jake T · September 27, 2019

Another fantastic ride takes you out of the heart of the city to the picturesque seaside town of Whitstable near Canterbury in Kent.

Take the A205 west towards Eltham where you will pick up the A2 which takes you out of London, past Dartford and towards Rochester. If you fancy stopping for a quick pitstop then we highly recommend popping into The Deaf Cat for some fantastic coffee and to take in the beautiful cathedral opposite.

The Deaf Cat

Pick up the A2 again and head towards Sittingbourne before picking up the A299 which will bring you to Whitstable. Of course, no trip to the seaside is complete without a visit to the local chippy at Whitstable Harbour. Have a look around the local high street and why not stop in at Whitstable Castle and take in the best of this 1700's historic castle. There is also a harbourside market where you can pick up all sorts of local produce and gifts which is certainly worth a visit.

If you want to head a little further out, there are boat trips that will take you to see the nearby Maunsell Forts. Decommissioned world war two forts which were used to protect the country lay just of the coastline of Whitstable.

Click the link below, load up the route and set off for a brilliant day of riding. Have fun!

Have you ridden this route? Tag us in your photos over at @rideto

Whitstable ROTW Button

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