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EVO Triangle | Motorcycle Ride


Jake T · October 22, 2019

EVO Triangle - North Wales

Wales is known to have some of the very best riding roads in the UK and the EVO Triangle sure lives up to expectations. Affectionately named after EVO magazine, who are known for testing cars on this 20-mile round trip. Forming the triangle is the A5 West, A543 North-East to B4501 in North Wales.

The route offers a fantastic mix of wonderful winding corners as well as superb open straights. The whole route only takes around half an hour but there's nothing stopping you from having a few goes at it!

Though after years of motor enthusiasts who's, to quote a certain Casey Stoner, 'Ambitions outweighed their talent' have caused the Welsh government to bring in average speed cameras through the majority of this 20-mile route. Bummer... Though considering the number of accidents we can't blame them.
Even with the added speed cameras, this absolutely stunning route is certainly worth a visit. Just take it easy and enjoy the very best of the Welsh countryside

Not only will you enjoy some of the best riding you'll also meet some of the nicest most welcoming people you'll ever come across. Stop in at Y Giler Arms or The Crown Inn for a spot to eat. Both of which offers brilliant food and drink set in, as I'm sure you'd have guessed by now, beautiful settings.

If you're travelling from a little further afield then there are a variety of guesthouses along the route so you can sleep soundly knowing you have somewhere to stop for the night. Llwyn Onn Guesthouse offers stunning scenery as well as a glampsite if you'd rather a more wild stay.

The EVO Triangle offers open roads as far as the eye can see. A memorable experience that you won't forget


EVO Triangle Map

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