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A Way To Escape | @zxena_the_ninja | Rider Stories


James F · August 29, 2019


What I currently ride?

Im currently riding a 2015 kawasaki ZX636R Ninja. This is my third bike but my second Ninja!

My first bike was a Suzuki GSZR 600 SRAD with a power commander, which was a bit much as I learned on a 125, then went straight to a super sport 600. My second bike was a 2005 Ninja 636R in lime green, and it was this bike that made me become a Kawasaki fan boy! I love them!


Why did you start riding?

Since I was old enough to know to hold on, I've been riding pillion on my dads bikes. He's always been a biker and naturally, it passed on to me. I loved being out on a hot day on the back of dads bike. Riding the roads to a biker cafe and seeing all the amazing bikes and getting to sit on a police bike! (one of my best memories as a biker kid).


Why do you enjoy riding?

Anyone who is a biker already knows the answer! But I guess we've all got our own unique reasons.

For me, biking is a sense of freedom that nothing else can bring. Being on the bike, riding down a sweeping road, taking corner by corner is a way for me to escape. No matter what has happened in my life, the bike has been there to relieve some stress and take my mind off of things!


Have you ever had an accident?

I've had 3! The first was all my fault. I was riding through town in the pouring rain and I took a corner a little too fast, my wheels lost grip and I didn't have the experience to recover, so I slid down the road. It cost me some cash to fix the first ninja. My second accident was early last year. I was sat at a red light minding my own business when someone went ploughing into the back of me. I hurt my leg a little bit but the bike took the brunt of it!

Finally my third was January this year. The slowest, but most painful. I was riding around a roundabout at slow speeds on a dark morning, and hit a patch of fresh oil (that's what the police said). My experience counted for nothing this time, oil will get ya! Anyway, I had a metal water bottle in my backpack and landed on it, breaking ribs and chipping my scapula! Bike was completely fine.


What equipment can't you live without?

This ones easy.... full protective gear! but the one caveat is that my helmet MUST be all black with no graphics. And of course a tinted visor!


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