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Finding Peace of Mind | @officially_elenaa | Rider Stories


James F · April 09, 2019

My name is Elena, I am 23 years old and currently own a CBR500R 2013, I have previously owned a Kawasaki Ninja 300 2014 and a Yamaha R6 2016 when I lived in Greece. I have rode more bikes than I have driven cars! I have rode all of these bikes; Suzuki Gsxr 750, Kawasaki Zx6r, Yamaha Xj6 and a Chinese motor 600CC.


The truth behind the reason why I read is very different to other people’s, who ride for fun and speed. I got into biking way back when I was sick and tired of my living circumstances (I was abused by my father and physically beaten), I was made homeless at 15 years old, and lived very rough, on the streets, in and out of hostels and sofa surfing.

I moved to Greece for work and for accommodation to escape the painful reality I had in London. I had always felt under threat, controlled or living in fear. I wanted to run away from my own thoughts and leave the past behind me. I believed leaving London to live in Greece would ‘fix’ me or at least make me happy and feel like I belonged somewhere, however this was not the case and the painful truth of my past still followed me regardless of where I relocated to.


I decided to face any fears I had because in that moment of time I did not care. The first motorcycle I rented out was the Kawasaki Ninja 300, opening the throttle made me feel as if I left every negative memory behind and I felt free. Since that day I have been devoted to riding and being apart of supporting others with their dreams when they are in a dark place. I enjoy riding because it reminds me that there is so much more to life than being stressed out, just take your helmet, take your bike and go far, far away with your motorcycle to clear your head and gaze at the beautiful scenery around you.


My go to gear will be and always will be Dainese. I currently own the Dainese two piece D2, which I've had altered because it was way too big on my upper body area. I love the colour schemes, white, black and pink! I also own a Shoei Seduction NXR PINK helmet in size XXS. Which I absolutely adore, I travelled to Europe to hunt this helmet down as it is discontinued, lastly, I wear Dainese boots, again colour co-ordinated, black, pink and white, and my gloves are also Dainese, black, pink and white. I cannot live without my Dainese suit, because it is protection, I will always wear gear as safety comes first.

My advice to new riders will be, to not worry or over think. Just do. The only way you will become a confident rider is through experience and through learning, and if that means falling down, don’t worry about it, you will get back up stronger. Life will always knock you down, but you will always get back up. Riding a motorcycle is very fun, and you feel freedom, however you must ride within your limits, do not push the boundaries, take your time, and don’t be too confident, or too cocky. Just have fun and be safe.

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