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YBR to S1000R | @nataliaseweryn | Rider Stories


James F · May 15, 2019


I started on a YBR 125 and then I went on to ride MT07. At that point I I knew I wanted a sportsbike and RC8 was my dream so I bought that. I was so in love with Pumpkin. Nothing would compare to him until I rode Norton V4SS last week. That was Pumpkin times two. Now I ride S1000R - Bertie. I don't love him, but we get on. I think I’ll be getting in the saddle of something else soon though.


When I was a teen I decided I was going to get a 125. That wasn't going to happen because my parents drove a 15 year old car and never had any disposable money to get me even an old 125. I started working, I went for a ride with a friend... and that was it. Shortly after I did my CBT and bought a YBR.


Why do I enjoy riding? I reckon I just like the way it smells inside my lid. That's what adventure and freedom smells like.

The gear I can't live without is my Shoei lid - XSpiritIII Motegi II- Spidi one piece Track Wind Pro, and my awesome Sidi boots Mag I - they don't don't squeak yet! Also my shiny backpack.


I also can't live without - Spotify on my rides. Sorry to be so basic... and not very inventive but that’s what’s with me either in my car or on my bike. ALWAYS.

The best advice I can give to new riders is to wear right size lid, don't buy the most expensive or the coolest. One which is PERFECT size wise is the coolest. Don't worry about being the fastest on the road. Don't try to impress other bikers with your riding, you'll just look lame trying to accomplish that because your mistake is just around next bend.

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