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James F · April 17, 2019

What Do You Currently Ride?

I currently ride a Kawasaki Z750. This is my second one in less than a year after having an accident involving a sheep last August! I was luckily fine but the bike wasn’t. I loved that bike so much so knew I wanted another Z750! My other half has one too, we should basically be getting commission haha!


Why Did You Start Riding?

I started riding because I have always wanted a bike license. My dad has always been a biker and I used to ride pillion on his Yamaha Fazer 1000 when I was wee (I think about 10 or 11). I loved biking ever since and knew that I wanted my own license when I was old enough. My dad told me I couldn’t do my bike test until he knew that I was a decent car driver first! So I obviously proved myself to be alright in his eyes!!

Why Do You Enjoy Riding?

I love riding because it’s like nothing else. People are always like ‘why do you go on about riding/your bike so much’ and people who haven’t been on a bike just don’t understand. I can’t compare the feeling to anything else. It’s like an amazing mixture of exhilaration and pride in one!

What's Your Go-To Outfit?

So I only have one helmet, cuz I’m not loaded hahah! My helmet is by Shark and is pink! I want people to know I’m a biker chick straight away! I have a one piece leather suit by Alpinestars which is my fave but I also live in Scotland, so it is often paired with a hoody or tucked away in my cupboard!! I have textiles and Kevlar leggings too.


What Clothing or Equipment Could You Not Live Without?

Couldn’t live without heated grips because Scotland haha! Also we have Sena Bluetooth communication. I find it really important to be able to communicate with my other half when we go out together! I quite often get too far in zone and stop following road signs and end up going the completely wrong way!! So Bryan can now tell me if I’ve missed a turn haha!!

What's Your Best Advice to New Riders?

My best advice to new riders, and actually any riders, would be - be courteous! Be courteous to other road users. I see YouTube, Facebook, insta videos too often now where bikers get furious for someone pulling out on them from a mile away! People make mistakes and if someone actually endangers your live then yes, fine, but please don’t go smashing people’s mirrors because they wouldn’t let you filter or something silly. It gives bikers a bad name. Do something that will make drivers remember you in a positive way. Like I say thank you to drivers who have seen me on a road and haven’t pulled out on me!!

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