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Chinese Moped to Suzuki GSX-R | @crashtestkatie | Rider Stories


James F · July 05, 2019


- What do you currently ride and what have you rode?

I have ridden a fair few bikes, having previously reviewed several bikes for a local dealership

I currently ride a 2009 GSXR 750, before that a 2006 GSXR 750 but there has been a huge variety, I started out like most, on a CBT and had a rubbish Chinese moped, that then lead me to build my first custom bike, my CG125, from there I wanted to build again and ended up with some sort of SV650, it took a beating and ended with a small garage fire! from here it was a Honda Hornet 600, then a Duke 390, Duke 790 and the two GSXR's I'm currently in the market for something new after I go to the IOM TT next week, but I have no idea what I want yet!


- Why did you start riding?

There wan't any singular reason for me, I started riding further back than I can remember, it was what everyone around me did, my family did, my friends did, it's all I've ever known. At 16 I decided to hit the roads because of the freedom it gave me, I could go anywhere, and everywhere (when my scooter didn't break down!) I loved the escape and the freedom, the ability to meet other like minded people and I've made countless new friends through riding


- Why do you enjoy riding?

I enjoy it because of the freedom it gives me, the opportunities it has brought me, the friends I've gained through riding, and the memories it's created, is there a better way to spend your time than on two wheels? I doubt it!


- What’s your go-to outfit? (helmet, top, bottoms)

My go to helmet is my LS2 Arrow, I'm an XXS and really struggle to find something sporty, not childish, and in different graphics. It fits me well, and having crashed in 2 of them, I can count on the quality

My every day jacket is my Richa Phoenica 2 Jacket, the D30 armour is comfortable, it allows you to relax and be comfortable without the rigid feeling of hard plastic or foam, it looks great, and most importantly to me, it's feminine but without being pink/purple/flowery

As for trousers, for me, it's Bull-it Fury leggins, which will soon be replaced with the Fury 2. For similar reasons that I love my jacket, they're casual, comfortable, safe, and don't look ridiculous while I'm off the bike.

I always wear Sidi boots, having several pairs for different occasions, they're comfortable, safe, supportive and I love the look of them


- What clothing or equipment can you not live without and why?

I CANNOT live without my intercom, what better feeling is there than belting out your favourite song or trying to rap the lyrics to one of Eminems songs? (and failing) knowing no one in the world can hear you as you're plodding along at motorway speeds.

I also can't live without Ultimate Addons mounts, they're so useful, I mount my GoPro to it, my phone, anything and everything, meaning when I get lost, I can find my way again and that I can film and re-watch my adventures.


- What’s your best piece of advice to new riders?

My best advice for new riders is not to give into the pressure of social media, put your own needs first and do everything for yourself, if you're not ready for something, don't do it just because you've seen others do the same. That can go for anything from blowing money on things you can't really afford, taking too big a risk when riding, or engaging in behavior you're not comfortable with, take things slowly and easy to make sure you're comfortable and know what you're doing

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