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Become a Motorcycle Instructor


Olivia C · March 19, 2024

Fuel Your Passion: Become a Motorcycle Instructor

Have you ever dreamt of turning your love of motorcycles into a rewarding career? Instructing on a motorcycle course offers more than just a job; it's the chance to empower others and share your passion for two wheels.

Ready to Shift Gears? Here's what you need to know:

Are you a skilled rider with a passion for safety? Instructors must be at least 21, and have held a full category A2 or A motorcycle license for at least 3 years. You'll need to be enthusiastic about safe riding practices and getting more people riding two wheels.

The road to becoming an instructor is clear. The DVSA offers dedicated training courses over 7 sessions, with a 2- day assessment, equipping you with the skills to effectively instruct and assess new riders.

The course is typically completed within a set timeframe, combining classroom learning with practical on-bike training to hone your instructional abilities, alongside other instructors taking the assessment alongside you.

Once qualified, the possibilities open up:

Join a thriving community. You'll be part of a network of passionate instructors, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment.

Flexible working options. Many instructors choose to work part-time, allowing you to fit this rewarding role around your existing commitments.

Make a real difference. Your expertise will equip new riders with the confidence and knowledge to navigate the roads safely

Ready to take the first step? Register your interest today!

By signing up below, you'll receive all the latest information about upcoming instructor courses in your area. Let's get you started on your exciting journey as a motorcycle instructor!

Register your interest: https://rideto.typeform.com/to/tis0C8VK

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