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How to Pick the Best CBT Training in London


Matt D · August 08, 2017

If you’re looking at booking your CBT training in London then there are a few things you need to consider first. It isn’t always as straightforward as you might think. We quite often see people booking in their CBT training without taking just 5 minutes to have a think about a few aspects. Below we’ve listed the things you should consider before booking your CBT training in London specifically, but these are also worth consideration in other cities.

Location - Think about how to get to the CBT Training school.

This is undoubtedly one of the main considerations when booking your CBT in London. London is the largest of any city in the European Union so obviously finding a good local CBT training school is important.

We do have partner schools throughout the capital. Here’s a test I’d suggest - Have a quick search of your postcode and see what results you get. Which bit is your eye drawn to? Probably the closest one I would guess. But wait, make sure you go through all your options. The transportation links are extremely varied and don’t always link up as you need. For example, it can sometimes be more than 20 minutes quicker to actually travel 2 miles further if you’re on certain lines.

Because of this, I’ve taken careful consideration not to simply say “think about how close the CBT training school is”. The partner training schools we have are all located around transport links so that you don’t need to drive. Check which lines they are on and which ones are accessible for you. Keep this in mind - The nearest school to you may not always be the easiest to get to.

CBT Training in London

Cost - How much should CBT training in London cost?

We’ve built our website and philosophy on the principle of transparency. When you book your CBT, What you see is exactly what you get. There’s never any hidden charges or fees. However one thing you shouldn’t forget is that not every school is the same. Some CBT schools are more expensive than others. This will often vary depending on the location. At RideTo we won’t charge you more than going direct to one of our London training schools.

One of our top tips is to make sure you weigh up location and price. Sometimes it might take you an extra 20 or 30 minutes to get to a school but save you £20 or £30. If this is the case we would advise going that bit further. Have a look on the search page and see if this is the case for you.

Availability - Is the CBT training you want available at short notice?

The nature of our business means that often people need to book in their CBT training at short notice. Remember - CBT training in London is extremely popular so try and give yourself some time. If you definitely need your CBT training for the next day or so, we’ll find you somewhere in London to do it. However, it may not always be your first pick of location. It’s best to prepare to travel an extra mile or two if you want to do it on short notice - this may end up being cheaper anyway!

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Reviews - Have you checked the reviews for your CBT training school?

We personally visit and approve all our partner schools. All the reviews they have received are integrated into our schools description page. Just search your area and click on the school to see how they’re rated.

It’s easy to just look at the price and location and assume that’s your job done. But make sure you check the CBT school’s rating. Don’t worry too much, as we said, all our CBT training schools in London have been vetted and meet our exceptionally high standards. But in case you don’t believe us, listen to your peers.

What’s included - Check what is included in your CBT training package.

As we said earlier, all of the prices and packages here are designed to be simple and easy to use without any hidden fees. However in general it is good practice to make sure that you check what is included when booking your CBT training in London. Make sure that helmet and bike hire is included as standard, this is clear when you select the school.

These are the top things to consider when booking a CBT in London. Given how popular taking your CBT in London is, things like availability are worth extra consideration. However, all of these tips and checks are transferable to any area of the country. We’d suggest opening a search tab here and searching your area. Follow this guide as you search and relax, everything on our website is designed to make your life easier.

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