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CBT Test - Can You Take One?


Tom Baker · November 30, 2017

If you are unsure if you can take the CBT test - one of the scenarios below should answer your questions:

A CBT test is a straightforward route if you want to ride a moped 50cc or a motorcycle of up to 125cc in the United Kingdom. To do so, you must hold a valid British passport or have been a resident of the UK for more than 185 days. If you live on mainland United Kingdom and most British Offshore Islands you will also be required to do a CBT test to ride a motorcycle.

*Note that if you are a Visitor to the U.K, you may be allowed to ride a motorcycle for up to 12 months if you have a valid motorcycle licence from your country of residence. Other requirements apply to you after this period is over.

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You Just Turned 16.

You are officially able to take a CBT test once you turn 16. However, you must ensure that you apply for a provisional licence (this can be done when you turn 15 years and 9 months) and receive it before you attend the CBT test.

You can apply for your provisional licence Online or through the DVLA Form Ordering Service or at a Post Office.

*Note : If you are 16, you need to wait a year before upgrading to a 125cc motorcycle but the good news is that you will only have to train once.

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How Long Does My CBT Last?

This is a question we hear all the time. A CBT certificate lasts for 2 years. During which you need to either have completed the full motorcycle licence test or take another CBT course at the end of the 2 year period.

Has Your CBT Certificate Has Expired?

A CBT certificate expires after 2 years but can be extended. You must renew an expired CBT certificate if you want to continue riding your motorcycle. If you plan to stay on L plates or take longer than 2 years to progress to another motorcycle licence you will also need to attend a CBT test every 2 years to receive your renewed CBT certificate.

Certain training schools do offer discounted rates for renewal CBT tests which are usually shorter courses but only if you have completed a CBT test before.

*Note : It will be unlawful to ride a motorcycle on a public road if your current CBT certificate has expired - this includes riding your own motorcycle to train at a CBT test as your insurance is invalid at this point.

Was Your Full UK Licence Was Issued Before The 1st February 2001?

If your full UK car licence was issued before the 1st of February 2001, you can ride a moped 50cc and take a pillion passenger without an L plate.

Do You Have An EU/EEA Licence?

Since you have an EU/EEA Licence, to ride a 50cc moped or 125cc motorcycle in the UK, you will firstly need to:

Apply for UK provisional motorcycle entitlement with a D9 form


Apply for a UK provisional licence

When the D91 forms arrive in the post, you are able to take a CBT test and upon completion, be issued with a valid CBT certificate. This certificate validates your licence and enables you to ride a moped or 125cc motorcycle in the UK. Both the above usually takes around 2 - 3 weeks to arrive in the post.

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Do You Have An Existing EU/EEA Motorcycle Licence?

You can ride a motorcycle in the UK until you’re 70 without undergoing a CBT test. A condition attached to this is that both the motorcycle theory and practical tests must have been passed in the EU/EEA region.

Exceptions to this rule are :

  1. If you have passed your theory and/or practical riding tests in a non-EU/EEA country and then exchanged your non-EU licence for an EU/EEA licence, you can only ride in the UK for a maximum of 12 months. After 12 months, you will need to apply for a provisional licence and attend a CBT test should you wish to continue riding.
  2. You cannot exchange your already exchanged EU/EEA Licence (originally from a non-EU Country) in the United Kingdom. You will have to apply for a UK provisional driving licence and attend a CBT test as well.
  3. If you are 68 or over when you become a resident of the UK, you can only ride a motorcycle for a maximum of 3 years. After this time you must exchange your EU/EEA licence for a UK motorcycle licence [A category].

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You Have An International Car Licence Or A Car Licence From A Non EU/EEA Or Designated Country.

Unless your licence includes a full motorcycle licence that allows you to ride a 50cc moped or 125cc motorcycle, you must apply for your UK provisional licence and then attend a CBT test. It is unlawful for you to ride a motorcycle at this point as you are only allowed to ride or drive a vehicle that is clearly printed on your existing licence.

*Designated countries include Australia, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Provinces and Territories of Canada, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Monaco, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Zimbabwe. More information here.

Do You Have An International Motorcycle Licence?

You can ride a motorcycle of any size in the UK that you are licenced to ride in the country where your licence was issued. After the 12 month period, you’ll need to apply for a UK provisional licence then pass the theory and practical riding tests to get a full UK motorcycle licence or just take the CBT test to ride a 125cc.

Do You Intend To Work As A Delivery Rider?

Most delivery rider jobs in the UK involve riding a moped or a motorcycle. As such you would need a CBT test to validate your UK provisional licence to undertake this role anywhere in the UK unless you already possess an existing UK/EU/EEA motorcycle licence. If you do not possess a valid motorcycle or driving licence, the next step is to obtain a provisional licence and once you have received it, to book in for a CBT test.

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Do you Want To Ride The Motorcycle Of Your Dreams?

If getting the full licence is the goal you have in mind - start by doing a CBT test. This enables you to complete the motorcycle theory test and two practical tests (modules one and two) necessary, afterwards.

The full A licence (Direct Access) is the most complete licence you can get as it permits you to ride a motorcycle of any size [cc]. If you are 24 years and older, this is the option to consider as you are allowed to progress directly to this category after completing a CBT test. In addition to that, you are also able to advance straight to the A category if you are 21 years and have held an A2 Licence for 2 years or more.

If you are 23 years or younger - more information on the different types of licences are available here or view the different restrictions in place with these motorcycle licence categories

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This information is given to you as a guide to support you in your choice of licence and RideTo has made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided about motorcycle licence and training requirements. However, RideTo cannot guarantee the information is up to date, correct and complete and is therefore provided on an "as is" basis only. RideTo accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever arising. We recommend that you verify the current licence and training requirements by checking the DVSA website.