Best Beginner Motorcycle Jackets 2019

When you are beginning your journey on to two wheels you will need to purchase a jacket that is best for you. You can assess your criteria on style, safety, price and comfort. Throughout the year depending on where you live, you may wish to have multiple jackets for hot, cold, wet and dry seasons. The best beginner jackets cover as many different criteria as possible.

You should aim for your first motorcycle jacket to be a great all-rounder that is suitable for your needs and potentially setting your knowledge base up for a more expensive purchase down the line. Below we have highlighted RideTo’s 2019 top motorcycle jackets for beginners.

1. Dojo Kiso Jacket - £109.99

Dojo Kiso Jacket

The Dojo Kiso Jacket is a fan favourite in the adventure scene. Dojo, a branch of the ARMR moto manufacturer well known for producing high quality gear for those on a budget.

The jacket is made from 600D Polyester outer layer, with CE approved armour in the elbows and shoulders with added protection from an added back protector insert is a great feature.

The 600D outer shell construction is a high density polyester which in layman's terms means that it’s a thick/dense jacket providing increased protection and abrasion resistance.

It uses a three-layered system that comprises of a waterproof liner, thermal liner and then the jacket outer. The Kiso has ventilation zips, two external pockets, a waterproof wallet pocket and internal phone pocket.

There are adjustables for the arms, cuffs, upper arms and waist making the Dojo Kiso jacket a fantastic all rounder for a low price. Currently [September 2019] Sportsbikeshop are offering a pair of free jeans with this jacket making the price of just over £100 a bargain.

2. Buffalo Retro Jacket - £79.99

Buffalo Jacket

The Buffalo Retro Jacket a stylish waterproof and breathable textile jacket provides great protection from the elements whilst looking good and feeling comfortable.

With 600 Denier (600D) material construction, the Buffalo Retro Jacket has great protection and abrasion resistance. An added bonus is the thermal liner that can be removed for the hotter days of the year, where you will be able to make the jacket feel significantly lighter and cooler.

This jacket has adjustable straps for the cuffs and waist, with two outer waist pockets and three internal pockets for phones/wallets.

This Buffalo Jacket is perfect for any retro racer style, that will look right at home with you on your journey from your 125cc bike right the way through to a big retro street cruiser. Pair it with some Blue motorcycle jeans and a vintage race helmet to complete the look and you will be turning heads all day.

3. RST Blade II Leather Jacket

RST Blade 2 Jacket

The Blade II is a best seller from RST one of the most popular motorcycle brands in the UK. This Jacket is the best looking all-rounder for any type of bike, perfect for summer riding making this a great first jacket for any motorcycling beginner.

A relaxed cut for the Blade II allows for it to remain flexible and comfortable off the bike as well as on the bike. An essential feature keeping the Blade flexible is the full length side panel helping with the overall fit of the jacket.

Featuring 1.1mm to 1.3mm cowhide outer construction is the primary feature for the safety rating of CE AAA for this jacket. Built in shoulder sliders aid with collarbone protection and triple stitched seams used throughout ensure that the jacket doesn’t rip open on impact. Along with heavy duty nylon these features make the Blade II a very lightweight quality jacket.

One of the most popular leather jackets in the UK market and for good reason. The RST Blade II is a high quality, all rounder jacket, perfect for any style of motorcyclist on any bike. For an entry-level jacket, it doesn’t get much better than the Blade.

4. Weise Psycho Jacket 2

Weise Jacket

In the range of beginner jackets available the Psycho 2 is a seriously stylish jacket for any motorcyclist. Removable lining, CE approved armour and black style with white stitching will make any rider stand out from the crowd.

Weise, that has constantly provided good looking stylish clothing for motorcyclists over the last decade have improved the stitching, quality and functionality with the Psycho 2 being the showcase product.

500 Denier leather construction keeps the Psycho 2 lightweight. Reissa waterproof and thermal lining will keep the rider dry even in heavy rain and warm enough from any degrees above 10C. The thermal lining can be removed for the hotter days and will keep your protected and not dripping in sweat.

CE approved armour on the shoulders, elbows and back with a further back insert for anyone looking to get extra protection for any potential falls. Adjustable collar, cuff and straps on the lower waist will allow riders to adjust the jacket for comfort.

5. Viking Cycle Ironside Jacket

Viking Jacket

The new and exciting company Viking have entered the motorcycling gear industry and the Ironside Jacket brings a lightweight mesh jacket at a very affordable price. CE approved protection with honeycomb design allows for maximum flexibility and joint movement.

600 Denier Polyester coated with PU will keep the rider safe from abrasion and the material is wind and water resistant, protecting from the wind and the rain of the UK roads.

A key focus is around the comfort for the rider and the jacket remains well ventilated from the mesh design and all parts of the jackets are highly adjustable for maximum comfort. A signature feature for the Ironside is the Viking Cycle headphone wire-system keeping any wires tucked away.

With Vikings price point and quality will surely see this move into motorcycling a great benefit to the new rider. Viking has a range from Motorcycle Saddlebags to Motorcycle Jackets.

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