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Tom Baker · August 20, 2018

Sabrina’s | Yamaha YBR250

My passion for riding started when I was 7 being a passenger of a little motocross 2 stroke. At fourteen, I was riding a 49cc for 5 years. Then, in 2011 I passed my full drive licence. My first big bike wasn't until 2015 though which was a Z750. I quickly realised big bikes weren't for me – too big, too heavy, too difficult to manage.

I went back to a 125, improved my riding and now have a YBR250 and a YZ85. The YBR250 is really comfortable, cheap in fuel and easy to repair / maintain. It is the perfect bike so far. I use it for commuting and travelling. My second bike is so much fun. The YZ85 is so powerful, it does everything you want a dirt bike to do, I really enjoy green laning or riding in different terrain to challenge myself.

Sabrina on her Yamaha YBR250

I have a passion for riding because of the freedom to go everywhere and access to places where another vehicle wouldn't or couldn't. Riding is something that you can try to explain but people that don't ride just can't understand. For me riding is like flying, feeling the wind in your face, riding during beautiful sunsets and seeing the world in such an amazing way.

To read more about Sabrina and follow her story check out: @sabrina_srh

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