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Triumph Tiger Sport 660


Jake T · July 28, 2022

Triumph Tiger Sport 660

The ever growing market of smaller capacity learner friendly motorcycles is continuing to throw out some fantastic motorcycles that are not only wonderful to ride but are serving to inspire a whole new generation of motorcyclists.

We’ve recently had the pleasure having new Triumph Tiger Sport 660 for a long term loan to really put it through its paces and see if we think it would be a suitable choice for a new rider.

Once you’ve passed your CBT, you may either spend a little time on a 125cc machine, or you may want to jump right up to do your full licence straight away. Either way, you’re probably going to be after a bike that enables you hone you’re skills as a rider.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660

The Tiger 660 Sport, carries the same 660 triple as the much revered Trident that we reviewed earlier in the year. The fantastic thing about this is it carries a lot of the same characteristics as the Trident. The power delivery is very linear, meaning as you open the throttle the bike will give you a steady and predictable amount of power, which as a new rider means there wont be anything surprising to catch you out.

The Tiger Sport 660 serves as a great option no matter what time of riding you will be doing. It handles great around the city and with the full pannier set up, makes this bike a great option for commuters as you can store all your gear in the lockable boxes.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660

Along with this, the 17 ltr fuel tank means if you want to head out on longer road trips the 660 will be a more than capable stead. (The adjustable wind screen adds for more comfort shielding you from the wind blast down the motorways).

As standard the Tiger sport comes fitted with Nissin brakes, Showa forks, and Michelin Road 5 tyres! Not to mention the two riding modes, ABS, switchable TC and TFT display.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660

Available in three colour ways, Lucerne Blue/ Sapphire Black, Korosi Red/ Graphite (seen here) and Graphite/Sapphire Black you can have you’re pick as to which fits your style best.

As with a lot of Triumphs a very compelling feature is that the first major service comes in at 10,000 miles, so you don’t have to worry about the upkeep for a long while.

The Tiger 660 Sport starts in at £8,745, which is around £1,050 more than the Trident. Obviously they’re a different style of bike but at the core they perform and feel very similar so we’d definitely recommend booking a test ride and see for yourself which clicks with you. Overall the Tiger 660 is a brilliant option for new riders looking for their first taste of 'big bike' riding, with a bike that provides the practicality and comfort you would want for the daily commute or weekend adventures.

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