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Triumph Tiger 800 | Rider for 20 years and Continuing to Learn.


Tom Baker · August 17, 2018

Lee | Triumph Tiger 800

Lee | Triumph Tiger 800

Practicality was the main reason I started to ride. The cut down in commuting time. Start small and do every single course that you can, there's loads of great free ones out there. I actually do one with the police and it's free. These sort of things taught me how to ride properly and give you signs to look out for in other drivers.

Everyone knows, accidents aren't generally the riders fault but more the fault of drivers around them. So I’d say do as many of them as you can and keep doing them. That’s what I do, I've been riding twenty years and and I still do them every now and then. It's good because you need to refresh your memory and get rid of the bad habits that can get picked up.

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