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Triumph RS | From Scooter to Full Licence.


Tom Baker · August 17, 2018

Gaza | Triumph RS

Gaza | Triumph RS

Well, I started riding because it was cheaper and faster than any other form of transport in London. Public transport costs are much more than riding. In fact, it's cheaper to buy a full size motorcycle on PCP credit than it is to travel from zone 1 - zone 2 per month. So that’s how it started but then I got really into it.I got a bigger bike, then a bigger one and another. That's how I ended up here with this one. Now I ride a Triumph RS 765cc 2017.

It’s hard to say what I enjoy most about riding, I guess you get more freedom on the roads from other cars due to the positioning. You're sort of bare and exposed to the elements, so it feels more relaxed than driving a car. Also, there’s much more power in the engine for a cheaper price!

I’d advise others to start with a CBT, it's a one day course so just try it out for a day and see if you like it. If you don't, you'll stop there. If you do, you'll progress and you’ll have to do it anyway to get a full licence so there’s no harm.

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