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Phil J · July 05, 2021

What Do You Currently Ride?

I ride a Triumph Speed Triple 1050 S, which I absolutely love! Before this bike, I was riding a Suzuki GSX S-750 and spending a lot of time with my friend and riding buddy, Elyske, who owns a 2011 Street Triple 675, which is converted to R spec. The more time I spent helping her clean and maintain her Triumph, the more I loved the look of her bike, but I really wanted something a little more up to date and I’ve always fancied owning a 1000cc bike. The Speed Triple 1050 S caught my eye and without a doubt, It’s the best bike I’ve ever owned!

Why Did You Start Riding?

I was always fascinated with two wheels ever since I was a toddler and I loved doing stunts on my pedal bike. From the age of ten, I became obsessed with motorcycle Daredevils and my heroes were Evel Knievel and Britain's equivalent, Eddie Kidd. It wasn’t long before I was riding a motorcycle off-road, just having fun and trying to mimic their stunts!

Why Do You Enjoy Riding?

I just love the feeling I get when riding a bike. Riding gives me so much pleasure. I also feel confident when I’m on my bike. Although many people think motorcycling is dangerous, I actually feel secure when riding. The sensation and enjoyment of being on a bike, whether on or off the road, is like nothing else.

What's Your Go-To Outfit?

I wear an Alpinestars, GP Plus R V2, two-piece leather suit and have just updated my crash helmet to an awesome X-Lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon, as well as matching SMX Plus V2 Boots and GP Pro 3 Gloves, both again from Alpinestars.

I also have a set of ‘Rainblocker’ waterproofs from Held which fold down really small and do a great job of keeping me dry should it rain!

What Clothing or Equipment Could You Not Live Without?

I have a Garmin Zumo Sat-Nav fitted to my bike, which I’m sure I couldn’t live without. Although it is a bit bulky mounted on my handlebars, it certainly helps me and my riding buddies when we’re out for the day. There’s nothing more annoying than having to pull over every few minutes to check your phone to find out where you are.

What's Your Best Advice to New Riders?

Ride at your own pace and get to know your bike. Familiarise yourself with your bike’s controls really goes without saying but you should also get a feel for your bike and how it handles. By this, I mean, where do your brakes start to bite, are they smooth or sharp? How well does your bike grip in the wet? Have I enough power to safely overtake a vehicle? Every bike and rider is different. Take your time and slowly build up your experience. There’s no rush, you have a lifetime of riding ahead of you and you never stop learning new riding skills.

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YouTube: The Adventures of Phil Jones

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