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Tom Baker · August 20, 2018

Zachary || KTM RC390

I've always enjoyed driving ever since I got my first car, so hopping on a motorcycle really brought out my enjoyment for the road. But, it was the track that brought out my love for it. It brought me into that mental zone, and freedom away from my problems at the time. The intense single minded focus of racing made me love riding. I've always ridden bicycles as a kid so it just grew. After my first deployment I purchased my first bike, an 03 CBR 600rr and it just felt natural to ride.

My favourite experience was at my local race track at Arroyo Seco. I was testing my freshly revived GSXR 750 and I came out of a corner called "The Horseshoe". As I accelerated I felt the front wheel off the ground, my rear tire sliding while I was knee down. For a second time pretty I much stopped and I felt like a little kid who skidded his first bicycle tire. I was laughing like crazy.

Zachary || KTM RC390

One of my favourite stories was my first decent road trip on my CBR I took to Colorado's Gold Camp Scenic Bypass. The ride was beautiful; golden plains hidden amongst the trees backed by the Cheyenne Mountain range, and a snow covered Pikes Peak. I took multiple side roads and went for hours. Unfortunately I got a little carried away and didn’t keep an eye on my fuel gauge and with about a hundred and some change miles left I was almost on empty. So it was a mad dash to the next city called Canon City, searching high and low for a petrol station as my gauge was ticking down. My only help was over a hundred miles away on the other side of the mountain. With my fuel gauge blinking on the lowest level for at least 20 minutes, I pulled into Canon City, and just sat in a random petrol station diner for a few hours, thinking about how lucky I got. It was awesome.

To read more about Zachary and follow his story check out: @unsung_griever

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