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Honda Vision Scooter | Getting to Lectures Early in London


Tom Baker · August 17, 2018

Daniel | Honda Vision Scooter

Daniel | Honda Vision Scooter

I’m not actually sure about what made me start riding. I think it was just the convenience of being able to travel around London. The first time I got into riding was at the start of university in 2015. I was situated literally in the middle of London, so I thought if I got a bike, I could just cut through the traffic and get to my lectures early.

This is my 125cc Scooter, but before this the motorcycle I had was geared. It was probably the thrill of the exhaust and the noises of the gear change as you ride that excites me the most.

If I could give any advice I’d say don't do it unless you really love motorcycles. A lot of people want to do it, they always come up to me and say “I would love to ride a motorcycle!”, but you have to ask them “would you really?”. Then they’ll suggest something crazy like a 1000cc engine and you just have to tell them no, slow down! They just say it because it's there in front of them, it's that whole contact high thing. So yeah, don't ride unless you really want to do it, not just because everyone else around you is.

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