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Honda CBR600F3 | Rider Story


Tom Baker · September 04, 2018

Matt riding his Suzuki GSX-R1000

Matt | Honda CBR600F3

Bikes are in my blood. Both my parents met through bike meets many years ago. I have always been brought up around them, although my parents stopped riding when I was young. My dad was a mechanical engineer so I spent many nights in the garage with him. He built a passion within me for engines and anything fast!

Many years on, my dad passed away. As any teenager would, I still wanted to make him proud. So I did my test and got my first bike, and then got a job within the same field of mechanical engineering.

I’ve owned and built many bikes; but it's not just the bikes - it's the people. Every biker will talk to another biker as if they were old friends. We are all a bit weird but 99% of us will help anyone who needs it, be it fundraising for kids with cancer, or for a turnout at a wedding.

Through the biking scene I have met my soon to be wife and I know that 8 years since my dad passed he will look down, see who I am and what I have become, and he will be happy. For all the people we have helped feel safe, or the smiles we have put on kids’ faces when we have waved back at them. They are the people who realise that's just who we are. We are not a gang. We are a family.

There is something weird about riding a bike, it's a sense of utter freedom and enjoyment. If happiness had a price, it would be a rare, classic Japanese bike.

To read see more of Matt's motorcycling journey check out: @mattthebush

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