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Honda CB 400SS | RideTo Founder | Rider Stories


Tom Baker · August 17, 2018

RideTo Founder on his bike

James | Honda CB 400SS

I started riding as a kid on Motocross bikes, purely for the fun and excitement the sport offers. It stayed that way for many years until I moved to London and needed a better way to get around town. The tube was expensive and unpleasant and cycling meant turning up to work hot and sweaty wearing lycra... neither worked for me, so I decided a Vespa scooter was the way to go.

My Vespa was a game changer for getting around London. It halved my commute time and cut my travel costs down from £120 to £20 a month! I soon found riding was a slippery slope of obsession and moved on from a CBT to take my full motorcycle licence and get the bike I currently ride my Honda CB 400SS. It's a great bike for London; light and easy to ride in traffic and not too flashy that I need to worry about it.

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I founded RideTo after the process I experienced learning to ride. I found as a new rider it was a mind boggling, time consuming and frustrating process. There's a lot of information and things to learn, which to date has not been easily accessible online. Our mission at RideTo is to make it safer and easier for more people to experience the joy of riding a motorcycle and to put technology at the heart of improving the experience for new riders. We're just getting started on this journey but can't wait to hear more rider stories about why they ride too.

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