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Harley Davidson Road Glide | Over 500,000 Miles, on 20 Motorcycles


Tom Baker · August 17, 2018

Tony | Harley Davidson Road Glide

Tony | Harley Davidson Road Glide

I ride because I enjoy the freedom of a motorcycle. I don’t have to ride one every day, which means that I can pick the weather and the route depending on how I feel, which adds to the experience. There is nothing better than the clear roads of Brittany or the twisting mountain roads of Spain on a dry day, to enjoy the escapism presented in riding a quality motorcycle.

I got into biking at the age of 16, as in the 1970’s you could ride a moped, a year before you could drive a car. I progressed to a 250cc motorcycle a year later and learnt to drive a car but it was always my love for motorcycling that won over. I worked as a courier for 5 years and this subsidised my university studies, so I was able to use my passion in a useful way. Now 40 years, 20 motorcycles and over 500,000 miles later, I still get as much of a buzz every time I ride my Harley, as I did the first time I ventured out. One of the most important lessons I have learnt over the years is the vulnerability to injury that you have every time you climb aboard, whether it be a mistake that you make or made by other road users, which is why I would urge anyone to undertake professional training, and to wear the right gear.

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