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Exhilarating, Freeing and Empowering - Rider Story With Grace Webb


Jake T · September 28, 2022

Grace Webb Rider Story

How Long Have You Been Riding A Motorcycle?

I’ve been riding motorcycles for over 10 years now. Growing up in the Lincolnshire countryside, where the closest bus stop is a two mile drive and the closest train station is a ten mile drive, I couldn’t wait to get a licence of any kind as soon as I could so I wasn’t constantly asking for lifts anymore! I really wanted my own independence and took my CBT when I was sixteen and got a little Sym scooter off Ebay.

How Did You Get Into Riding?

It seemed quite natural to take my CBT and then my Full Bike Licence as both my parents are bikers so it was encouraged that I learnt how to ride and drive well – and safely. Coming from a motorsport family, I was brought up on engine fumes, rev noises and posters of Valentino Rossi, so it seemed inevitable that I was going to somehow be involved in motorsport too and I absolutely love it.

What Is The Best Bike You've Ridden?

It’s so difficult to choose the best bike! I’ve been fortunate enough to try a wide array, from sportsbikes to enduro bikes to electric bikes, and they all have their unique features. To be honest the ideal situation would be to have a garage full of them all!

If I had to choose a bike that I’ve ridden recently, one that I’ve been really impressed with, it would be the Triumph Bobber. I think it’s the first bike I’ve ridden where I’ve been completely flat footed – low ride height is something that I’ve always looked for in a bike so having this paired with a 1200cc engine and beautiful, brutal looks makes it a winner for me.

What Is The Best Thing About Riding Motorcycles?

The best thing about riding a motorbike is the feeling you get when you twist the throttle. It’s exhilarating, freeing and empowering. Just amazing.

Grace Webb Rider Story

What’s The Best Advice You Were Ever Given As A Rider?

The best advice I was given as a rider, is to look where you want to go rather than focus on the floor right in front of you. I’ve really found this has helped me particularly in twisty and busy roads as you’re already thinking ahead and your body will make the bike go where your head is looking. It takes a little time to have faith in this but it really works and has made me a better rider.

What Do You Currently Ride?

I currently ride an Aprillia RRV 450. I love it because it’s unique and a one off. It’s based on the Aprilia SXV 450 but has been purpose built to go on a track by a company called IN Competition. They took many of the SXVs straight from Aprilia, turned them into RRVs and put them on the track however my RRV went through a slightly longer process and had a V5 and log book, which meant I could put a day time MOT on it and a number plate to be able to take it on the road. So it’s now the only RRV 450 that you’ll see legally on the road! I love taking it for rides out on the road and I still take it on track days too – a pocket rocket for sure!

What Was Your First Bike?

I mentioned about having a Sym Scooter when I took my CBT, but after this my first proper motorbike was a Yamaha YZF-125. It was the black version with gold wheels and I felt super cool with this bike! I think because it looked like a big bike but I could still ride it on an L plate. I learnt a lot on this bike.

What Is One Piece Of Gear You Couldn’t Go Without?

I absolutely love my Frank Thomas one-piece leather suit. It has a custom fit and all my own logos on as well as being packed with protection like an airbag, double & triple stitching and joint protectors. I feel like a superhero when I wear it and it gives me peace of mind when I put it on so that I am protected to the max so I can fully concentrate on my riding.

What’s Your Best Advice To New Riders?

If I could give any advice to new riders, it would be to try and get as much seat time as possible. I really found this helped me, as the more time I spent on my bike, the more I was able to implement new features to my riding and become a more aware rider. Confidence comes the more that you ride so the more you ride, the more confident you’ll be on your bike.

What’s At The Top Of Your Biker Bucket List?

I just really want to ride a MotoGP spec bike! Those bikes are at the height of every component that’s produced so to combine all that I think would be an incredible feeling.

If you want to keep updated with what Grace is up to you can follow her on Instagram here.

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