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CBT Motorcycle Training Videos


James B · October 24, 2023

In partnership with Motorcycle Rider Hub, we've put together a few videos to prepare you for the CBT Course.

Video 1 - Preparing For The CBT

This video explains what you need to bring and wear for CBT motorcycle training.

Video 2 - Riding Faults

This video covers the common reasons why new riders do not successfully complete the CBT and what you can do to prepare in advance.

Video 3 - The 5 Basic Controls Of a Motorcycle

Video 3 shows you the throttle, breaks, clutch and gear lever controls on the motorcycle and how to use them.

Video 4 - Operating The Hand Controls of a Motorcycle

This video explains how to use the horn, indicators and light switches on the handlebars of a motorcycle.

Video 5 - How a Motorcycle Works

Learn about the different systems and components on a motorcycle and what they each do.

Video 6 - Junction Guide

An introduction to the different scenarios at junctions and roundabouts.

Video 7 - Daily Checks

Details of the daily quick checks you should do on your bike before riding.

Want to access the full video content? Check out Motorcycle Rider's Hub and their exclusive discount on motorcycle training videos for RideTo customers here: https://motorcycleridershub.co.uk/product/cbt-special-offer/

This information is given to you as a guide to support you in your choice of licence and RideTo has made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided about motorcycle licence and training requirements. However, RideTo cannot guarantee the information is up to date, correct and complete and is therefore provided on an "as is" basis only. RideTo accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever arising. We recommend that you verify the current licence and training requirements by checking the DVSA website.