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Best Motorcycle Gear for City Riding


Jake T · September 10, 2021

When setting off through the city, it's easy to think you don't need to wear full protective gear right? Wrong!

Wherever you go on your bike, we always recommend getting kitted out to make sure you’re safe and protected should something go wrong. The great thing is there are now so many options of casual/urban gear available that you won’t have to worry about looking like a melon in your one piece leather suit on your Vespa!

We’ve put together some of our favourite casual/urban gear for you to peruse through

.HJC i90 FLIP UP - £189.99

A fantastic universal flip up helmet, giving you the freedom to switch between full face and open face. The built-in sun visor is a welcome addition for those sunny days.

LS2 VERSO - £119.99

The LS2 Verso is an open face helmet designed for city riders looking to experience their journey to the fullest. The Verso’s large visor offers protection from the wind and the integrated sun visor protects your eyes from the sun.

AGV X3000 INVICTUS - £349.99

The AGV X3000 INVICTUS is a classic style motorcycle helmet, bringing that vintage look back for the modern rider. This helmet is for those looking to make a statement on their motorcycle whilst navigating the city streets.


The Pilot offers CE protection and a high level of comfort at an accessible price point, making it perfect for newly qualified riders. The Pilot features CE Level 1 armour in the shoulder and elbow, a fixed SinAqua lining and a quilted thermal gilet to provide warmth in colder conditions.


The Richa Scrambler 2 is an old-school style waxed cotton jacket, with an aggressive look that would fit perfectly on any modern/classic motorcycle. The Scrambler 2 jacket is fantastically breathable and the waxed cotton is water-resistant meaning it will see you through some drizzles if you get caught out

OXFORD KICKBACK 2.0 - £119.99

Offering that casual look, this great riding shirt builds on the huge success of its predecessor. Using more luxurious materials, better quality fittings, an improved fit and with the upgrade of CE armour provided, it's now CE 'A' approved and simply better in every way!


A less traditional-looking pair of jeans, the Steed offers additional detailing and use accordion stretch panels to provide comfort and flexibility on and off the bike. Available in black, blue and grey, the Furygan Steed are a great choice for summer riding.


These jeggings are super comfy thanks to the Covec technology integrated within the denim, which allows them to be really stretchy; ideal for all-day riding. They are also AAA-rated abrasion in the knees and hip and come with CE level 2 knee armour making them a superb choice for those looking for style and comfort without compromising on protection.


Oxford’s Approved Denim, built specifically for life on two wheels, maintains a vintage look whilst keeping you protected. A two-way stretch has been added to enhance mobility and comfort. There is also a quick-dry technology that draws sweat and increases water repellency. Available in black, blue and navy

.RST ROADSTER II - £129.99

The RST Roadsters are a perfect example of a retro leather styled boot with modern features such as

internal waterproof lining, 3d comfort mesh and added protection for a smooth ride. If you’re looking for something that is comfortable both on and off the bike then the Roadsters could be the perfect choice for you.

TCX Hero - £199.99

A lovely pair of full grain leather CE rated casual boots with a classic design. If you don’t want people to know you’re wearing motorcycle boots these are a fantastic choice! Laces are complemented with a medial zip and a velcro tab. A combination of good protection and all-day comfort make these a very popular boot.

RST Urban II - £89.99

The RST Urban ll is a comfy CE certified boot that can be worn all day. The Urban II is specifically styled to look like a trainer but backed up with a spec that includes ankle protection and a reinforced double-layered leather toe box to keep you protected. A great entry-level boot for those urban riders.


The RST Rider CE Men’s Glove is a fantastic value lightweight hybrid synthetic glove, ideal for summer riding. Boasting a detailed stitching design, and a memory foam knuckle and palm reinforcement.

LS2 DART 2 GLOVES - £34.99

The LS2 DART is a great textile summer glove with knuckle protection and foam protector on the fingers they also have reinforcement at the palm and little finger. These gloves offer superior comfort with a hook and loop closure and touchscreen-compatible fingers. Perfect for the hotter days or riding around the city.


The Richa Shadow is a hard-wearing retro-looking leather motorcycle glove. Not only do they look stylish they also have the protection you need whilst riding. The Shadows have impact absorbing knuckle protection as well as perforated fingers for ventilation. They’ve been designed with flex zones making them extremely comfortable and malleable.

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