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Aprilia RSV1000 | Hooked on Riding by the Age of 8.


Tom Baker · August 20, 2018

Nick standing on his Aprilia RSV1000

Nick || Aprilia RSV1000

I love riding because of the freedom, sound, self expression and speed of it all. I remember when I was about 8 I was in the back of my parent’s classic Beetle on the motorway leaving Nicosia in Cyprus around 1994. All of a sudden some bloke in the fast lane pulls alongside on what now I believe was a first gen Fireblade. I waved and he pulled the biggest wheelie and screamed off up the road. My parents tutted, “What an idiot”. They didn’t get it, but I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Since that day and much to my parent’s discouragement, I have been hooked. They both ride now though!

My best experience riding was a few years ago riding my RSV1000 around Europe. I had done about 550 miles in the worst weather that day, and then all of a sudden the sun came out, the roads were dry, and I found myself on a road lining a gorge in the south of France. Perfect scratching bliss!

To read more about Nick and follow his story check out: @nick_terrot

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