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​10 Instagram Accounts Every Biker Should Follow


James B · January 30, 2017

The roads might be freezing cold and wet outside, but you can still get your daily dose of riding inspiration from some of these great biker Instagram accounts. Quiver with envy as you follow motorcyclists from around the world riding open roads in the sunshine, counting down the days until you can do the same. Here’s a few which we love; beautiful bikes, open roads, great photography.

Mariana Oliveiira - @marina.oliveiira

The Portuguese model who rides motorbikes, what’s not to like!?

Mariana Oliveiira full motorcycle licence

- @bikeshedmc

Leading the cafe racer scene in the UK, The Bike Shed always has a rare new bike to share on their insta.

bikeshedmc CBT licence

David Beckham - @davidbeckham

The man leading the increasing mainstream popularity of motorcycles, DB might post a lot about clothes and football but the odd bike picture is beaut.

Amy Shore Photography - @amyshorephotography

We’re a huge fan of the photos Amy takes, both of classic bikes and cars. She’s a rider herself too.

Amy Shore CBT training

- @thunderdolls

Representing girls who ride, worldwide.

Thunderdolls full licence DAS motorcycles

De Ranieri Simone - @de_ranieri_simone

Cool bikes, cool photos. Enough said.

De Ranieri Simone CBT training inspiration


Mix up your Instagram feed with pictures of bikes and other extreme sports. RedBull is constantly plotting their next PR stunt. This recent one with a superbike and a ski slope is worth checking out. Look at the nails in the tyres!

Redbull full motorcycle licence and CBT scooters

- @deuscustoms

An awesome update of images from the guys reinventing motorcycle culture down under.

Their insta page represents The Deus philosophy of ‘recalling an era before the various pursuits of fun – motorcycling, surfing, skateboarding, whatever – were divided into fundamentalist factions.’ Sounds and looks cool to us.

Deuscustoms 125cc CBT training and motorcycles

- @ironandresin

The ultimate US biker lifestyle brand, and the odd picture of a bike.

Ironandresin persuading fans to take their CBT training

RideTo... @Rideto

We’ve just started ours, aiming to collate the images that inspire us to get out and ride. Give us a follow and we’ll return the favour.

RideTo home of CBT training and CBT renewal

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