West Pennine Motorcycle Training

West Pennine Motorcycle Training, West Pennine Road Safety Centre, Gladstone Street, Blackburn, BB1 3ES

About West Pennine Motorcycle Training

West Pennine Motorcycle Training are based in Blackburn, Lancashire offering motorcycle training courses including CBT Training for beginners, Full Licence motorcycle training as well as advanced courses. West Pennine have been established since 1994 have have over 27 years of experience enabling them to successfully train thousands of riders no matter their ambitions.

All instructors for Driving Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) approved and are seriously committed to helping you realise your own motorcycle dream, whether it’s racing in the British Sports Bikes or just looking for an easy and safe way to commute to work. The school has a comfortable indoor classroom for any motorcycle theory work, and debriefing sessions as well as a cosy spot to have some lunch.

West Pennines training area is sizeable and well-maintained which is perfect for CBT training courses as this allows novice riders to practice and build their confidence before riding out on the local roads. The local area offers plenty of town and country riding, helping you practise your riding skills in a mix of situations with their experienced and fully qualified instructors guiding you through every step of the way.

You'll find West Penning Motorcycle Training school based Located just behind a large supermarket superstore which is handy for grabbing some lunch if you've forgotten to bring some. There are multiple bus routes including a shuttle bus making it easily assessable if travelling via public transport. If you plan on using your own transport they have a free car park for customers.

So if you are looking for an awesome team of professional professional instructors to help you on your way to enjoying the freedom of two wheels in the North West of England West Pennine are a great shout!


Bike Hire: True

Helmet Hire: True

Gloves and jackets Included: True

On site Cafe: False

On Site cafe: True

Indoor Classroom: True


West Pennine Motorcycle Training, West Pennine Road Safety Centre, Gladstone Street, Blackburn, BB1 3ES


Highly recommended professional company with great instructors and excellent bikes. Many thanks to Yvonne Dave and Terry for your help and advice last week. Passed both mod 1 and 2 first time. Thanks again John B.
Joshua Lomas-Mears
Did my CBT on Saturday, weather wasn’t ideal. However the day went well, got a decent grasp on how to handle a geared bike. Only criticism I have is that the instructor likes to shout over the radio when the learner might be doing something wrong which doesn’t help when someone may be under pressure. I was refused my CBT as I was turning a bit too wide round corners, and I stalled once at a roundabout I personally don’t feel as though I should of been refused my CBT for that as I had good control of the bike through the duration of my time on the road. They suggest that I pay another £120 to book in again. I’d probably try somewhere else next time round if I feel like I’d want to give it another go.
John Haselden
Did my CBT 2 weeks ago followed by the 4 day DAS training and passed my Mod 2 today. Big thank you for Malcolm for the 1 on 1 tutoring on Saturday thanks to another lad forgetting to turn up which I saw as a profit for me. Thanks Dave for your afternoon tutoring and giving me some well needed pointers. Biggest thanks to Terry who is an absolute legend. Great approach. Good to give you praise but also a great way of letting you know if you have messed up so you remember for next time. If your thinking of booking just get it done. Its the best decision I've made.
Paul Yeomans
Excellent riding school. I went from being extremely nervous with poor balance on the CBT training to being more confident and passing the full DAS. Jake worked wonders on the CBT explaining everything and supervising my practice ensuring everything was ok before I went on the road. I was then supervised by Dave who was extremely calm yet very firm … sometimes telling you mistakes that needed to be ironed out.. the level of skill required to pass the DAS eventually sunk in! Terry is also a top bloke who worked with me on the module 1 skills- he’s a top bloke with an amazing sense of humour! Thanks guys you are really a great team. I can now go out and enjoy my riding and build on the knowledge you have passed on..
Gareth Jones
If your looking for an honest review on west pennine, look no further, here it is! Just completed a 5 day course with west pennine. Booked initially online and was then contacted by Yvonne who completed the booking process after a few more details were provided. Its was agreed the 5 day course would probably fulfill my needs (direct access). The course included my theroey test, CBT, training for my DAS course, my module 1 test and module 2 test and was all arranged for me by Yvonne without any dramas. (Not much previous riding experience and the experience I had was 50cc dirt bike 20 years ago). Yvonne provided me with links to training materials for the theory test and I passed my theory first time. I was contacted the day before my course to give full details of what to expect. I initally paid a deposit and the full balance was due on the first day. Equipment and bikes are provided for you to use if you wish or you can supply your own which I did (equipment). I was met first day by Jake. Spent the full day with him on my CBT with another lad who was also doing the same 5 day DAS course as me. Jake was great, patient, great teacher and very knowledgeable. CBT certificate first day. CBT can take longer than a day if you arent deemed as competant. It was then onto DAS training. Second day we were met by Terry. Again, very knowledgeable, heaps of experience, loads of time for you, plenty of patience and a genuinely nice guy with lots of funny stories. We were lucky as we got to spend the rest of the course as a group of 3. It was brilliant having the same instructor throughout as it was easy to map our progress. We worked our way up through bike sizes from 125cc to 500cc up to the 650cc DAS bikes. We practiced mod 1 on thier purpose built site and we also got to do a practice run on the actual DVSA site, albeit on the 125cc not the 650cc. We rode and practiced the test routes time after time and my confidence grew. Terrys instruction was fantastic as was his knowledge and wealth of riding experience. I met the boss Dave on my 3rd day. He spent an hour with both myself and the other lad, just making sure we were up to scratch before our mods 1's on the 4th day. Didnt have much time with Dave but again he was very polite. He strikes me as he's the kind of guy who calls a spade a spade and doesn't suffer fools glady! Reviews that say instructors had no enthusiams and love of riding is rubbish! Passed mod 1 on day 4 with a clean sheet! Couple of quick test runs on the 5th day which was the morning of my mod 2 test. Passed mod 2 with 1 minor (which was for not going fast enough which ill take any day)! Being a firefighter Ive seen what happens when it goes horribly wrong and it aint pretty. Maybe I'm over cautious, but Id rather be deemed over cautious than over confident! I Really enjoyed my time at West Pennine Motorcycle training. I spent some time reading thier reviews and other schools reviews before I settled on them as my school of choice. I have only good things to say. My experience was very positive. All you need to remember is that it isnt a guaranteed pass and that the courses may need to be extended if you cant pick it up quick enough. That isnt thier fault at the end of the day as things have to be booked in advance and paid for by the school before you even start. Thanks again to Yvonne, Jake, Dave and lastly to Terry who I spent the Majority of the time with. Just to add, the bikes were great and well maintained and in no way old by any means! The 650cc DAS was a 19 plate ( There was a brand new 72 plate one there that had not long been delivered and the 500cc was i think only a few years old. The 125cc I rode was older but who in thier right mind would spend money on buy bikes just to get dropped and battered by people with no riding experience! There were new 125cc bikes only 2 years old, but as ove already said, they are really well maintained and work perfectly. There is no better feeling in the world than being sat on a nice bike powering down the country lanes with great people!
Matthew Sharples
Really enjoyed my time at West Pennie, I booked a 4 day course inc CBT for my Cat A license. Both Dave and Terry were fantastic, providing me with exactly the feedback I needed, whether that be nice to hear or not. I knew exactly what I needed to do in order to pass both modules. By the time my Mod 1 and 2 rolled around I did not feel out of my depth at all and confidently passed both first time, this is a real testament to the instructors here. The course was intensive, but with it being a 4 day course it was expected. If you listen to the guys, and implement what they’re saying, you’ll pass. Thanks to everyone at the school, time to go bike shopping!
Pete XY
Bit of a late review as I passed my Direct access 7 months ago with these guys and have been riding and loving it ever since. All instructors were excellent and very patient in particular Malcolm who instructed us in an extremely knowledgeable and very laid back manner. Nothing was to much trouble for Dave who also sorted out an issue with my lost theory test certificate. All in all I’d recommend this school highly. Cheers fellas.
Andrew Bebb
Did my CBT with Jake and passed despite being a novice at the start of the day. This was all down to how well he and the other trainers explain things and instill confidence on the students
David McDougal
This training provider proved to be the wrong choice despite the positive reviews. I would definitely recommend avoiding avoid them and booking your course elsewhere. The trainers are very poor and 'teach' as if they lost interest many years ago. Besides basic instruction, they give no real meaningful feedback to learn from and spend time slagging off other customers in your presence. The facilities and training bikes reflect the lack of commitment to providing a good customer service. I passed both Mod 1 and 2 first time with a different training school (having left West Pennine Training after a couple of days on the DAT course) and had a much better quality and enjoyable experience. I met two other people who had a negative experience with West Pennine Training whilst I was with the new training school so I certainly didn't just get them on a bad day!
Ikenna Ezea
Fantastic staff. Friendly, jovial learning atmosphere. The trainers were fantastic and made everybody feel at ease, some of my fellow students were shaky in the beginning but the trainers soon had their confidence boosted and the results were great to see. All in all safety was still paramount and we were all able to have fun without any compromise to safety. It was an exciting experience and worth every penny. Thanks Jake!
Andrew Salt
Did my CBT on the 06.03 and it was a brilliant day. Instructors were fantastic from start to finish, from never riding a bike before to passing my CBT on a manual and feeling confident on the roads in one day, will definitely recommend to others!
earby astronomy society earby lancs
Amazing lads did my das made it easy to do everything including theroy test everything thing was booked through them gained alot of experience only ever did my cbt but always done with these lads caint praise them enough
Ryan Wilkinson
Did my CBT this morning was amazing grate trainers full of advice very highly recommend thanks guys
Charlotte Moss
I just want to say a personal thank you to Mike. As a complete novice riding any motorbike, deciding to take my CBT was a big decision. On the day Mike made me feel welcome and explained everything very clearly and with a suggestion of humour but with a serious undertone to ensure we digested the information required to succeed and ride safely. Mike had a way of making me understand what is expected and how best to approach each section of the CBT course. Thank you again!
Arron Whittaker
Very well organised ,well experienced training school i booked on a 5 day course they got me through my cbt mod 1 an mod 2 could not fault the lads an set up 1 bit 5 star for me an would reccomend to anyone 👌🏽
John Kirkbride
The rating of 2 stars is quite generous considering on day 1 the price had increased to £580 from £550 even though the price was agreed back in October. Covid 19 deal !!! and yes no email or text to tell me to bring the extra £30 only found out on the day. The bikes are a bit older than other training school bikes and this is quite noticeable when you get up to the test centre. All in all the Instructors are great apart from one who has a proper chip on his shoulders I have my suspicions he takes enjoyment from trying to beat people down. In my book if somebody does something wrong then constructively educate them that's what we pay for not slate a person and kick them while they are down and if somebody is doing it right tell them it's right. Glad to say I did pass mod 1 & mod 2 but the experience could have been more pleasant especially from Mr Happy who only smiles when he's got wind.
roxanne turner
Friends have used these now it's our turn soon nothing but good comments, from my own experience we went to see the location and the guy was more than happy to help us with all info and contacts, top service although they was about to start a session still took there time to help us Were now booked on a course:
Tony Hopwood
An amazing experience learning to ride with West Pennine right from CBT in Nov 19 to starting to train for my test on Oct 20 and finally passing the tests in Dec 2020 (including a Covid lockdown in-between). The main emphasis of riding safety and not just simply passing the test is invaluable. Also, the thorough critique of my riding at all times was excellent and really put me on the front foot for the tests. My riding observations, etc are now all second nature which in my opinion is only be the result of the excellent tuition I received and I really feel confident and safe on the road. The prices are easy on the pocket as well. Thanks again everybody and I cannot recommend you guys highly enough. Kind regards and hopefully see you for some advanced training in the near future.
Went n did my CBT Today. Staff are nice n friendly easy and clear on there instructions. Just a nice calm centre. Overall a great experience 👍
Olly Bushby
Many thanks for getting me through my CBT. Great guys and excellent facilities.
Ingrida Gulbinaitė
Best people to learn with!!👌🛵🏍️ Even if you never touched the bike before you will definitely know what you are doing at the end of the day! 👌👍 I was totally scared to go on the road🙈 A huge Thank You to Terry for all the trouble he had to go through with me!!🙈😃
ric bretherton
Great place to train all the guys are really good. Renewed my CBT a couple of times with them over the years and recently did my full test and passed both modules first time with no problems. I would recommend to anyone that wants to get out on a bike
Sedzo 14
Trust me if you want to pass go with these guys. They're a bit like marmite you'll love or hate them, they'll give you a lot of criticism but when it comes to the test it'll work in your favour. Really can't thank these lads enough and I highly recommend them!!!
Alex Simpson
Many thanks to Malcolm, Terry & Dave for the Direct Access training. Passed Mod 1 & 2 first time which was great! Cheers guys!
Paul Hunter
I took my DAS with West Pennine and my overall experience was very good. 1/ The instructors are hard but fair. But also patient and accommodating regardless of if your a complete newbie, or someone who is well accustomed to riding. 2/ The training site is big enough to practice many different types of obstacles. In a safe enclosed environment. 3/ Wide selection of Bikes and scooters ('Yamaha's, Honda's, Suzuki's) with different engine classes, all are well maintained and smooth to ride. would highly recommend this school
karl Wiggans
I have done my cbt with West pennine a few times. They have always been amazing instructors. I decided it was time I did my full test so I booked a 4 day course with them. Training was spot on. After 3 days on the bigger bikes I passed my mod1 and the following day I passed my mod2. Thank you Chris and Dave for the amazing experience..
Julie Grayham
Highly recommended brilliant teachers / instructors very patient with new learners thank you
Anthony Harrison
I passed my full cat A with west pennine in September Terry, Chris and Dave were all great and had plenty of good advice, definitely recommend these guys
alithump .
I had a fantastic experience at West Pennine Motorcycle training. I took a five day DAS course and passed both Mod 1 and 2 on my last day. All the trainers Dave, Terry and Chris are amazing and have very different teaching styles. A special big thank you to Terry who I spent most of my course with. The trainers made me feel relaxed whilst pushing me hard to correct my mistakes. I am so happy to now have my full licence and cannot thank the guys enough. I would strongly recommend WPMT to anyone and I am looking forward to returning to them for some advanced training in the future.
James Archer
It offers everything that you need to start your new journey on a motorbike. Don't sit there thinking about it go and talk to them they are friendly experienced instructors who can't wait to teach you. Go and see what your missing it's never to late or to old. Good Luck.
Dean LUFC Kirton
Took my CBT today great team of guys, helpful and patient. If you want to learn how to ride properly first time then book here. Thank you once again see you soon for my full access.
coburn alex
Did my direct access with west pennine motorcycle training and I would recommend them to anyone!! the team are super friendly and very helpful! The bikes you use are super easy to ride and learn on. I was with Chris all week and terry for a day both great guys and easy to chat to if you have any questions. I also stayed in local accommodation down the road which was also perfect, just down the road and cheap! All in all a great motorcycle school CHEERS GUYS ALEX
Damian Iddon
This is a great place to learn, I'd recommend them to anyone. Got my big bike just in time for summer !
Christopher Pattman
I contacted West Pennine after a recommendation from a friend of mine. I took my CBT with another local training school in Chorley. Basically the other school wanted to keep me coming back week after week at £100 a throw that would have cost me a fortune. There was no sign of them being prepared to give me an indication of when I could take any of my tests. Summer would have been over by the time they got around to booking me in for my tests yet alone passing them! I booked a 4 day course from Monday to Thursday. All this was done online via their website and it was really straight forward. Yvonne contacted me to confirm that my course was booked. It really couldn't have been easier. I went out with Chris on Monday and Tuesday. This was just to get me back up to speed with the basics and to get me used to the bike I would be using to take my tests. I then went out with Terry on Wednesday to get me up to test standard. I also went out with Terry for an hour or so on Thursday morning before my mod 2 test. Both are superb instructors but Terry's knowledge and experience in getting me up to test standard really helped me and did my confidence the world of good. I don't think I would have passed first time without him! I passed my mod 1 first time on Wednesday morning and took my mod 2 the next day first thing on Thursday morning. I also passed this first time with only two minors. All in all I really can't recommend and thank them enough.
Lee Callaghan
Did my DAS Training here. The Team were fantastic, so much so I passed mod 1and 2 on the Friday. Can't thank these Guys enough for their help,support and advice. Fantastic .
Geraint Lewis
I can't speak highly enough about these guys. I phoned up last minute on a Sunday and booked a 4 day course which included CBT theory and both mod 1 and mod 2 of the full bike test. The course started the day after as per my request which I couldn't believe they managed to do. And by Thursday I was all passed and finished. I had a few years experience on a 125 from over 3 years in the past and would not have been able to pass so quickly was it not for these guys. A truely amazing experience, the entire time was educational, fun and challenging. I didnt get chance to speak to all the trainers but I must say that Chris and Dave are an incredible pair and Ill be forever grateful to both of them. I passed mod 1 with 0 Minor's and passed mod 2 with just 1. A true testiont to the quality of training I had in just 4 days. Seriously guys I travelled 2 hours to go to these guys and I'd recommend anyone nation wide to travel over, stay in a hotel as I did (which again they booked for me last minute) and get the best preparation you can for your test. You will not regret it.
Michael Taylor
Don't matter on experience they have time and patience Polite and friendly staff
Nicola Izon
A big thumbs up and thank you to all at West Pennine Motorcycle School, they managed to get all 3 of our family members through our full licences first time.Special thanks to Terry and Chris for their patience and encouragement and to Dave for the cheerie smiles and indepth knowledge, couldn't have done it without you guys! Best of luck for the future
Dean 0'wal
Many thanks to Terry and the people at West Pennine Motorcycling who made my CBT an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
John Leeson
Started learning to ride a motorcycle at west pennine after failing my mod1, west pennine pointed out my mistakes right away after seeing me practice in there big yard. All the trainers are very helpful and will go out there way to help you. I could not recommend these guys enough! Thanks for helping me to learn how to ride a motorcycle correctly!
Christian Byrne
From cbt to mod2 in 3 days these guys are awesome and I can't recommend them enough. And for people travelling and taking advantage of the b&b its tip top Big thumbs up from me
Karl Bentley
Brilliant company to learn with. All staff friendly. Did a 5 day course and my instructor Terry was brilliant, passed Mod1 and 2 with no faults thanks to him. Thanks again Terry 👍👍👍
Dave Dickinson
Went from CBT to full bike licence in a week with these chaps. I had big al most of the time there and what a brilliant teacher he is. All the other blokes are spot on too. Highly recommend
Suleman Sidat
The training was professional and excellent. Being an instructor myself in another discipline, I can say that the motorcycle instructors here are not just bikers but professional instructors who use proven techniques that I recognised and do work. Their aim isn't just to get you through the test, but to give you skills necessary to enjoy safe riding beyond the test. Their passion and commitment comes through in the quality of instruction and they certainly eased my nerves!
karen shevlin
First time pass with these guys. Superb training, could not fault them would recommend to anyone wanting to do direct access.🙂
John Tray
Had a great learning curve with west Pennine I learned so much from them. I just need to put it all in to practice now. Note to self .. turn off signals after turning. Easy £10 return journey from Rochdale train St to Blackburn train St then a walk up the canal Thank you chaps
Ollie South
Excellent, passed mod 1 and mod 2 first time! Cheers guys!

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