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Hotwheelz Motorcycle Training, Lincoln Street, , Birkenhead, CH41 8HL

About Hotwheelz Motorcycle Training

Hotwheelz Motorcycle Training is an exceptional approved training body that has been providing top-notch motorcycle training courses to riders in the Wirral area for several years. Their team of instructors are all Driving Vehicle Standard Agency approved and share a deep passion for motorcycles. The team takes great pride in their work and always greets their students with a smile and professionalism.

At Hotwheelz, they offer a diverse range of motorcycle training courses that cater to the needs of every rider. From beginners to delivery riders and advanced riders returning for further training, Hotwheelz has a course for everyone. It's no wonder that they have an impeccable reputation in the local community, as evidenced by their glowing reviews.

The facilities at Hotwheelz are second to none. Their spacious training pad is perfect for new riders who are looking to complete their CBT training as it provides an ideal space to practice manoeuvres and road scenarios before hitting the road. Additionally, their site features an indoor classroom that is ideal for theory lessons.

One of the standout features of Hotwheelz is that they provide all the necessary motorcycle gear to their students. This is particularly beneficial for those who haven't had the opportunity to arrange their gear before the course. Hotwheelz has got you covered, with a range of helmets, gloves, and jackets available for use during the training course. Just ensure you wear hard wearing trousers and boots that support your ankle on the day. Moreover, their comprehensive fleet of motorcycles, including the extremely popular and easy-to-ride Yamaha YBR125cc motorcycle for CBT training and the incredible Suzuki SV650 for DAS training, ensures that you'll receive the best training possible.

Hotwheelz is an excellent choice for anyone looking to receive high-quality motorcycle training in the Liverpool area. The team's focus on road safety and road awareness is reflected in their high pass rate and outstanding reputation. They're open for training 7 days a week, but due to their small class sizes, availability may be limited, so it's advisable to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy motorcycle training body in the Wirral area, Hotwheelz Motorcycle Training is the perfect choice. With their passionate team of instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, and comprehensive range of courses, they're sure to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to ride safely and confidently.


Bike Hire: True

Helmet Hire: True

Gloves and jackets Included: True

On site Cafe: False

On Site cafe: False

Indoor Classroom: True


Hotwheelz Motorcycle Training, Lincoln Street, , Birkenhead, CH41 8HL


Andy Paul
Passed my full licence yesterday 14/9/23 with Kev. What a fantastic teacher he is. He has the patience of a saint and teaches you properly .. Kev@hotwheelz is highly recommended
Did my CBT with them today. Enjoyed the day, all the staff were friendly and approachable, firm but informative on the road as it should be to keep everyone safe. Wasn’t sure about going straight into lessons on bigger bikes but feel 100% comfortable to do so after today and will be booking myself in. Highly recommend if you’re new to bikes like me.
darren hennessey
Completed my CBT yesterday. I can't rate these guys high enough. Nice and informative and a relaxed teaching method. I'd highly recommend using these. I'll be going back to complete my full training
Darren Cureton
Zero to hero in 6 weeks!! That's all it took me to pass my Mod 1 and 2 at Hotwheelz. Great riding school and brilliant instructors, particularly Kev, who made me feel confident in my ability from my 1st lesson to my last. He is so knowledgeable and approachable and has always got time for you. Passed both mod 1 and 2 first time! Cheers 🙌
Jennifer Tripp
Great team of guys. Friendly, helpful, all the rest of it. I did my CBT with them and shortly after did full license lessons. My main instructor was Kev and he was great. I also had John take me to my MOD 2 (the first time, oops I failed). That was all on me doing something silly. Both instructors prepared me really well for both MOD 1 & 2. They were all really supportive throughout my whole time with them. I highly recommend this school. Plus, Kawasaki.
Jasper Jones
Firm, Fair and Fun 30 years after I first rode a 125, the pandemic convinced me to get back in the saddle and get the full legals. HotWheelz came with a recommendation from a friend, and they were right: detailed observations and helpful comments without being overwhelming; clear and logical explanations for actions and faults; a well-maintained training fleet; praise when appropriate... I don't think I was their worst student, but I turned up with several years of bad habits that John and Kevin managed to tame promptly and with respect. Thank you both for all your help - I still hear your words of wisdom when I approach roundabouts and pass motorway sliproads.
Alex Leppo
I completed my CBT, MOD 1 and MOD 2 within the space of 4 weeks. Highly recommend John and the team. They didn't try to sell me any unnecessary lessons or courses like a lot of other schools. They just identified area of improvement and gave constant constructive feedback on the lessons I did have to get me ready.
Jonny Skurok
Did my CBT there today having never ridden before, went straight in on a geared 125cc with Scott as the instructor. Had such a good day, was really well paced, Scott was great at teaching me from scratch and by the end I was on the road and feeling confident. Couldn't recommend enough and I'll definitely be back to complete my licence (plus they use brand new Kawasaki's which were awesome).
Jordan Dowling
Passed my MOD 2 with hotwheelz, now! Absolutely fantastic result. It's a fantastic school to learn at, the instructors in all fields know what they're doing. I always recommend people to come here as its just incomparable to other schools. I started my A Licence back in 2021 but had a bad crash. I came back few weeks ago and they made sure I was okay, gave me breaks and honestly went great no real issues with my riding ability. MOD 2 is now booked and will pass it hopefully. 100% if you want to become the better rider come to this place, you won't regret it.
Andrew Stoddart
I was a bit nervous having not touched a bike for 5 years but Cookie was great at bringing my confidence up during my CBT. I went on to do lessons with Kev on the 650 bike and have now got my full license via the direct access route. Big thank you to the Hotwheelz team!
Leon 4808
John and Kev are excellent instructors with up to date knowledge of the roads. Strongly recommend everyone to use this school to progress through their motorcycle licenses.
Elaine Revans
"Tiny" was awesome. He assessed both my riding and learning styles and worked tirelessly to get me through Mod 1 with no minors and Mod 2. I was incredibly anxious but Tiny's relaxed methods were perfect for me. I cannot recommend Hotwheelz enough. I had been to 2 other riding schools but it was Tiny who got me through. Massive thanks Tiny. 🎉🏍🎉
Nathan Foy
Look no further than hotweelz! Went from cbt to passed mod 2 in three months. Was an absolute pleasure to be taught by Tiny and Kev throughout, amazing instructors, really honed my skills and gave me the confidence to ride safely and confidently. John booked everything at my convenience and my pace. Top class stuff guys, thank so much!!! Bikes were all new too, which was great!
Gemma Banks
Done a couple of hours on a bike lesson couldn’t be happier feel a lot more confident on a bike, recommend these guys fully thank you so much for your help and patience, anyone learning this is place for you awesome people ☺️
Matthew Edwards
Just passed my MOD 2 motorcycle test this morning with John. Couldn’t be happier with the whole process. Was a lot faster than I thought it would go and all the lads at the training school are friendly and encouraging. John is a great instructor and makes the whole experience something to look forward to. Would highly recommend this place for any motorcycle or CBT training. Thanks a lot guys!
Penny Dreadful
I'm in full agreement with all of these glowing 5 star reviews on here. Had my CBT with Tiny showing me the ropes. He was everything an instructor should be; patient, knowledgeable, and taught everything in a fun and informative way. Can't recommend enough. Joel
Gordon James
Just passed my CBT with Tiny. What an enjoyable experience. Instructor was patient, informative and knowledgeable. Took me from total novice to confident beginner in hours. The tour of New Brighton topped off a great day.
Devon Williams
I completed my CBT with Tiny and loved every minute. Very relaxed and felt comfortable from the start. Guided me through everything and made the road ride very enjoyable. Concluding the day with a chat to John and Tiny in regards to further bike lessons and progressing onto bigger bikes really shown me the professionalism they provide. Professional, relaxing and friendly. I’m excited to start my lessons and look forward to learning with Hotwheelz.
Charlotte Boardman
100% would recommend! Tiny was so patient, helpful and understanding, and I felt so comfortable throughout because of how relaxed his approach was. I am usually so nervous, but he made me feel really confident going out on the road, and the day absolutely flew by because I was so undaunted and having so much fun. Cheers guys so much ☺️
James Molyneux
Fanatic set up. Great guidance with a very welcoming and friendly teaching environment, looking forward to getting my MOD1&2 done asap, can't recommend these guys enough. Top notch 👍👍
Kelli Broome
Had an amazing day taught by Stuart, he was really patient and confident and the ride was so much fun on the road. Another guy was asked to come back the next day for more training which gives you peace of mind that they don't just sign off anybody they make sure you ride confidently and safely, couldn't recommend more
David Henderson (Hendo)
Amazing Training experience. Having not touched a bike for 2 years, John was very patient and delivered the training at the pace i needed. From this i accelerated quickly ( Excuse the pun) and was ready to do my Mod 1 & 2 quicker than i thought i would be. Learning on Brand new ( 70 Plate Kawasaki 650) bikes makes the training so much easier. I have already recommend John to my colleagues for their training.
Kad Oxton
Excellent and clear training from these guys during my CBT with Tiny, highly recommend and definitely doing my MOD 1 & 2 with them. Great sense of humour and friendly guys too! A*
Happy pass my cbt. Stewart was awesome and was quite easy to learn.
Terry Anderson
Just obtained my full bike licence through Hotwheelz. Cant recommended John and his school enough, really enjoyed the whole experience and now feel like a competent rider. Thanks again!
David Madden
Great as long as you don't require any actual instruction. Instructor was more concerned about what time he could get away. Rushed from the moment we arrived.
Dave Edge
Absolutely fantastic is all I can say! From the initial phone call with John, CBT with Tony, my lessons, my mod 1 nerves and to my mod 2 pass, the guys at Hotwheelz put me at ease and gave me fantastic, in-depth training, which was also great fun. Contact was brilliant and I built an instant rapport with them. John was also very honest and told me I didn't require any more lessons, as he is all about getting quality riders on the roads, not fleecing you for every penny. I also had the opportunity to pass my mod 2 on one of their brand new 70 plate Kawasaki 650s, which were a dream to ride. Thank you so much to Hotwheelz for looking after me and teaching me to ride.
Mark Gt
What a fantastic day I had doing my CBT training with Tony . Tony has great knowledge and patience. He is very clear and helpful . So much so after my CBT, I started lessons with Tony on a 600cc . Puts a huge smile on my face and to top it all off I pasted my theory test today .So my next step is my mod1 and mod2 ..
Trevor Pimblett
highly recommend these guys as very informative and great for anyone learning to ride.. road sense and confidence is paramount and they made it a great day.. keep up the good work..!!!
Ryan Formston
I Passed! I actually passed!!! All thanks to Hotwheelz. Thank you so much Tony and John for being patient, helping me learn and being so supportive through my journey! Can't thank you enough 🛵😁
HeY jOe
Great day, well organised and fun. Confidence builds from the encouragement given. Thanks again
I was very pleased with John’s training in my CBT today. He helped me to understand areas to improve in a constructive manner that gave me confidence to progress out on the road. John also gave me the confidence to try a bigger bike despite me only ever riding classic type geared scooters before the day. I feel confident to progress to my full bike licence with Johns help.
Ewan Tomeny
I took my CBT with John in April, having never been on a motorbike before. I enjoyed being out riding that day, and having seen John was a competent teacher, I booked in a couple of lessons on a larger bike (Bandit 600). In total I took 6 lessons before my MOD1, and another 2 before my MOD2 (plus riding to the test centre on the day). John is an experienced rider and instructor and knows the DAS course inside out. He was good at picking up on my faults when out riding and making sure that these were addressed – exactly what you want from a teacher. He was able to tell me what other students in the past had found troubling in the test and ensured that I was comfortable in these areas. The bike I was riding was always well maintained and fully-fuelled, and we never had any issues here. I would recommend someone to take lessons with John, whether they were a total beginner or had been riding a while and were wanting to practice for their full licence.
Jane Rooney
John gave me so much confidence and support today when I did my CBT. Feeling scared and unsure as I had never been on a bike before, I was thinking I would fall off!. How proud of myself, riding from Birkenhead to New Brighton and back. I would very much recommend John. He he an excellent trainer. Again, thank you John.
Paul Lumb
Absolutely top bloke great place definitely coming back to the rest of my bike licence 🛵
Emma Fishwick
I can't thank you enough Jan Flynn you have been so lovely, patient & calming..I never thought I could do it & u made me believe in myself and look I've only gone and done it!! I will miss our lessons and the laughs (so much laughing) and I promise I will always look ahead and not at the sky , ha ha. Thank you so much Em xxxx
Amelia Roberts
Jan has been an amazing driving instructor. She is so lovely to talk to and so calming to drive with which is very helpful as a first time driver. She was able to cater to me as a driver and help me through any areas I found difficult. I always looked forward to our lessons and I'd recommend Hotwheelz to anyone! Thank you so much Jan!
Olivia Waring
A massive thank you to Jan and the Hotwheelz team for helping me pass first time with one minor! Not only was she so calm with all my mistakes along the way but she gave me so much confidence while driving as I was so nervous to start!! Such a kind and understanding woman and would definitely recommend the Hotwheelz team to anyone who wants to learn to drive!! Thank you so much!
Emma Carty
Absolutely made up that I've passed my test first time!!! Can't thank Jan enough for all of the patience she's had with me on my lessons ! Would highly recommend Jan and the Hotwheels team to anybody who's looking at starting their lessons! Thank you again I'm so happy .
Mark Ainsworth

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