Instant torque and power from a standstill. The Zero S is what street riding is all about.

The Zero S 11kw version is the baby of the Zero electric motorcycle range, suitable for the 'learner rider' and a great fit for the urban rider. A functional electric bike with good performance, coming in at a steep £9190. The Zero S can be rode on a A1 licence and this makes for an interesting discussion for those that question the suitability of the restrictions and limitations between licence categories. The Zero S handles very well and is significantly lighter than others in the Zero range, weighing 142kg, this is 63kg lighter than others in the range. In comparison to the widely popular petrol engined KTM Duke 125, which has a curb weight of 137kg (dry), the Zero S is remarkably light.

The weight of the Zero S certainly makes the bike more manoeuvrable and with a top speed of over 80mph it all also makes for a lot of fun. However, does this 'fun' come at a cost? The Zero S does not have traction control included which is certainly a worry and a must need improvement.

The motor overall is a distinct improvement and step up from CBT licence electric motorcycles, with 80ftlb of torque bolting through the rear tyre at the twist of the throttle. However, the skinny rear tyre will have to be handled with care or the Zero S will be spinning out of control before the riders eyes. Despite, being an A1 legal bike, an inexperienced rider may be legal to ride this bike, I would plead for them to proceed with caution.

Its claimed range is 88 miles in the city; 44 miles at 70mph; or 60 miles on a combination of roads and recharges fully in around 5 hours, at a claimed cost of £1.30. Rather impressive for those looking to look after their back pocket. An already fast charge can be improved dramatically, with accessory charges, a fast charge of one hour and a half can be achieved for a full charge. All 2018 models can still be plugged in at a domestic socket but a public charging point must be used to take advantage of the faster times offered by the charging tank.

There are two riding modes to choose from, Sport and Eco, depending on whether you want to go fastest or farthest. The Zero S is the most suited bike in the Zeros range for urban riding and we consider the Zero S main focus, with all the bigger cousins of the Zero line-up producing much longer ranges.

Overall, it's clear that the Zero S is one of the first bikes off the production line for the American electric bike manufacturer and the more recent bikes in the Zero's arsenal showcases the improvements made with the Zero FX and Zero SR/F. The Zero S has a lot to offer, the first is for those looking to ride on an electric bike on a A1 licence, this bike is an excellent choice, with great performance and range for an electric bike. The largest stumbling block is the price at £9190, however, with no tax, low running costs and potentially using some of your offices electricity, after the initial outlay, the Zero S is very cheap riding.

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