Yamaha MT-125

Fantastic on fuel, comfort and acceleration. This is one of the best 125cc available to ride on a CBT.

​Yamaha have created one of the best all round machines with the MT-125, a bike that is light, fast and agile to be in and out of traffic lines with no trouble. The MT-125 also has the added bonus of being comfortable for the longer journeys, a feature that most 125cc fall down on.

Yamaha MT-125 specs

We start our review with a RideTo favourite feature, the MT-125 has a shift light for those that are looking to push the rpm into the red, the shift light ensures that you shift up at the right moments to look after the engine.

With 134mpg able to be achieved on the MT-125 the Yamaha is more than capable of keeping costs down for the new riders looking to be economical with their riding.

The MT-125 only weighs 138kg and therefore is brilliantly lightweight to move between traffic and get away with being nippy away from any potential hazards. This is supported by a sturdy 41mm KYB inverted fork and an improved rear monoshock and 292mm front disc with a radialmounted caliper.

In terms of power output, the MT-125 doesn’t hold back with 14.7bhp being more than enough oomph for those that are looking to pull the throttle hard and a bit eager off the line.

The style and design of most Yamaha bikes are exceptional and the MT-125 is no different, sporting a tad heftier price tag than other competitors of the MT-125, it certainly makes up for in good looks and style in the naked 125cc class.

Yamaha have included a number of great features and improvements to the MT-125 over the years and the LED bright headlights, air intakes and three section dash highlight this.

Yamaha have succeeded in making the MT-125 look like a much bigger bike than it is by shorteing the tail and including wider bars to look like the rider is hunched over more. The Yamaha MT-125 is all about bragging rights – and it certainly gets them.

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