Vespa Elettrica

The Elettrica has the retro appeal of a classic Vespa icon with the 21st century integration of an electric motor.

The age of electric is nearly upon us, and it would only be fitting for the timeless classic of the Vespa Primavera to be moulded with the zero emissions and electric buzz of an electric motor. The Elettrica has the retro appeal of a classic Vespa icon with the 21st century integration of an electric motor. ​

As with all electric bikes, the Elettrica comes with a removable battery, however, not in all electric bike cases the battery can be taken out and charged from any domestic socket, instead of solely from an outdoor outlet. This battery can be fully charged in four hours from empty from inside your home. The charge outputs a 62-mile range on just the one full charge. This is an impressive feat compared to other electric bikes such as the Zero S which has a similar range and costs twice the price.

If the range is a concern, In 2019, you can upgrade to the Vespa X model, that doubles the range of the base Elettrica model to a 124 miles. For the eco-minded consumer, consider that the X model does use a small petrol engine to charge the lithium-ion battery pack.

For those that are well verse in electric motorcycles and scooters are probably anguished by the sight of the brands looking to go over the top to broadcast that it’s an electric vehicle, thankfully, the Elettrica keeps the core features of the iconic Vespa style and design.

Vespa Elettrica

The Elettrica is ideal for city commuting and certainly holds it own when it comes to performance. With 2kW continuous output and when the twist of your wrist demands full explosion, the Elettrica oomphs 4kW of performance. Compared to most 50cc scooters the Elettrica compares very well, and just like any standard petrol 50cc the open road is not its friend, where the performance does, unsurprisingly, lag behind.

The Elettrica has two modes: Eco and Sport. Eco maxes out your top speed at 18mph and with minimal top speed anyway, we wouldn't spend too much time in Eco mode on the Vespa. Another issue with the different modes is that you have to be stationary to change modes. This seems to defeat the purpose of riding around in Eco and just when you want that little bit of oomph to brush past a cyclist safely or other vehicle you are unable to interchange between the modes. Very inconvenient!

The ride on the Elettrica is mostly identical to the Primavera offering the same levels of comfort for rider and passenger. The Elettrica has a large enough length and with the added chrome pillion handle to hold on to for taking a pillion with no problems. With 11 inch wheels the Elettrica can absorb the standard amount of road abuse from potholes and ruts along the way, of course, anything larger then the Vespa will struggle along with its 50cc compatriots.

A difference between the Elettrica and the petrol Primavera is the display. The Elettrica showcases a 4.5-inch display screen in place of the standard dial. The display shows you speed, battery charge, and range and comes with Bluetooth ready capabilities as default. Although not highly recommended this does mean that you can take calls on the go whilst riding.

Along the way we have seen Chinese manufacturers like NIU go all out on smart features on their electric scooters, and in this day and age, these seem to be well received, however we feel they can be overkill. The Elettrica finds the balance with some simplistic features mixed with new snazzy displays. An example is, by using the fob to make the Elettrica flash its lights so that you can find the bike in a busy car park.

Storage on the Elettrica is very decent and has enough room in the under-seat storage to hold an open-face helmet and can be supplemented with a top box if you wish to pursue a larger storage capacity on your bike.

The Elettrica is one of the most appealing Electric options in 2019, especially for those located in cities. In London, with the congestion charge and new ULEZ scheme to be expanded in 2021, the Vespa is a great way to qualify for free road tax and have a zero exhaust emission. On top of this with Vespa's iconic Italian features and retro looks, you will be able to enjoy your daily commute with a smile.

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