Suzuki GSX-S125

Meet the new lightweight king of the streets. It has the best power-to-weight ratio and acceleration in the 125cc street sport class.

The Suzuki's GSX-S125 is advertised as a class-leader for its power-to-weight ratio. The perfect bike for the learner looking for some speed, especially those that want to progress to bigger sportsbikes. It's frugal on fuel, comfortable and a lot of fun on a variety of different roads.

The engine is a real gem and another thing the GSX-S125 shares with its R branded, fully flared, brother. The GSX-S125 has an output of 15bhp and a redline up at 11,500rpm so it has class leading power-to-weight ratio, torque to weight ratio and acceleration making it a lot of fun for a bike you can ride on a CBT.

Suzuki is keeping up with its competitors with the kit on the GSX-S125 - ABS and full LCD display are the main two features but other fancy add ons like aluminium wheels and full LED lighting make sure the GSX-S125 is keeping up with the offerings form Honda, Kawasaki and KTM.

Suzuki GSX-S125 side view

It's about what you'd expect from a bike in this market in the looks department - it's by no means ugly but hits the eye wrong from certain angles due to that weirdly bulbous light cluster at the front. In all other areas I think it's a well appointed and even quite handsome little bike. The GSX-S125 shares its proportions with the GSX-R125 which handles excellently and is more my taste styling wise. What the GSX-S125 does have over the sportier R is higher bars making for an upright riding position - more comfortable and easier about town in traffic. A solid plus in the S125's column.

Suzuki priced the GSX-S125 at the top end of the middle market, £4,099. It's not particularly cheap but you do get a great deal of kit for your money and class leading performance figures - pretty impressive, especially considering you can ride this bike on a CBT.

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