Suzuki GSX-R125

A 125cc that is perfect for the entry-level rider looking for a sports bike that doesn't look like a 125.

The GSX-R125 is the race and sportier version of Suzuki’s GSX-S125, claimed to have the best power to weight ratio of any 125cc available. The GSX-R125 has the advantage of looking far from a ‘learner’ bike, making it an ideal entry-level motorcycle that doesn’t look like one.

The GSX-R125 has keyless ignition meaning that you wont need to hold the start button for the engine to kick into life, keeping the key in your pocket. Not a typical 125cc option but one that we like to see, expressing the modern tech that Suzuki aim to show.

The R125 showcases Suzuki's relatively new 124.4cc four-stroke liquid-cooled DOHC single cylinder outputting 14.8 bhp. Steering is often a focus for new riders and the GSX-R125 is a dream, easy to manoeuvre, so moving the bike around is no trouble.

GSX-R125 Specs

For the taller rider then the sporty riding position may become uncomfortable after a while becoming cramped. Fine for short commutes, however if you are looking at an hour or more with any length of time with knees constantly tucked in then you will start to feel it.

With good aerodynamics and not much drag or wind noise, the small and easy to move around GSX-R125 performs well. Riding this Suzuki calmly and gently then you are likely to get over 100mpg and towards the claimed 122mpg. If you are pushing the GSX-R125 round the corners at speed and looking to race of the line then high 80s and low 90s will be achieved.

You will be able to carry a pillion passenger on the GSX once you progress past your CBT licence onto a full motorcycle licence. However, the seat over any distance is not the most pleasurable. On the other hand, the display like many Suzuki’s is clear and easy to read.

Power delivery across the board with the GSX-R125 is impressive, with a smooth power release and despite a slow to get up to speed first and second gear, the GSX-R125 has more than enough power and speed to overtake vehicles on faster roads with a top speed of 70mph.

The Suzuki GSX-R125 feels like a proper sportsbike and overall it performs well, with freat handling and has the advantage of being available for anyone with a CBT licence. On top of this it looks fantastic. Anyone who is looking to nip through traffic on their commute then this will be a perfect choice.







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