Suzuki Burgman 125

Urban smart scooter, perfect for short commuting or delivery riding.

Suzuki themselves describe the Burgman 125 as follows: “Freedom comes in the sporty form of the Burgman. Like the city itself, the Burgman pulses with originalIty.” I honestly don’t know whether any of this mentality went into the Suzuki Burgman 125’s design but I struggle to see the sportiness or originality coming through. It is however well equipped for the price and Suzuki’s single cylinder 125cc engines do seem to run forever.

The Suzuki Burgman 125 isn’t revolutionary in the looks department but that isn’t surprising for a scooter aimed at this market in this price bracket. It isn’t ugly by any means and credit where it is due the Suzuki Burgman 125 is actually quite curvy and soft compared to the new crop of angular and aggressively styled scooters on the market. Personal opinion is it looks a million times better in black than it does in white and while that windscreen may not be the prettiest addition it does at least add a good level of wind protection.

Suzuki Burgman 125

The Burgman 125 has a properly sorted little engine. A fuel injected single cylinder pushing out 11bhp and a claimed 94.16 mpg - more than enough to get ahead of traffic on the commute and away from the fuel pumps too often.

It comes with all the features you’d expect from a commuter scooter of this size with 41 litres (that’s enough for 2 helmets) of under seat storage with another 7 litres up front in the form of one lockable and one push open compartment. It’s an impressive amount of storage in the diminutive scooter but the Burgman does lag slightly behind the competition with its lack of USB port - still rocking the 12V DC charging outlet.

The instrument cluster is very clear, informative and exactly what you’d expect from a scooter in this class with a full trip computer, mpg and ABS lights front and centre. ABS is a crucial feature to stay competitive in this market and little touches like the heated grips also keeping the Burgman 125 in touch with the Honda and Kawasaki offerings.

A brand new Suzuki Burgman 125 will cost you £3,699 which is about par in the mid-sized scooter market. There are lots of second hand models available for £1,500 to £2,500 on the likes of Autotrader and gumtree but it’s always worth remembering to check the condition of these scooters.

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