The Super Soco TS offers super-affordable, super-approachable electric commuting.

The Super Soco TS produced by the Chinese manufacturer offers super-affordable, super-approachable electric commuting. Super Soco offer the bare necessities for commuting with a naked looking electric bike that is perfect for cheap urban transport and the TS delivers this so well for an excellent price.

With a Bosch powered rear wheel motor the TS produces 2.4 kW (3.2 hp) worth of peak power and 120 Nm (88 lb-ft) of torque, and a 60-volt, 26 Ah, 1.56 kWh battery and a very reasonable max range of 50 miles for a bike of this size. In logistical terms, you will cover a high amount of road before needing to charge. If your commute is 10-15 miles each way through city traffic, you will be need to charge the TS every other day. For a full charge for the TS you will need to leave it be for around 7 hours. The TS isn't designed for long journeys wear the tarmac becomes a blur, the TS is designed for urban manoeuvring where you will most likely leave the bike on charge at work and at home.

The TS weighs 78kg which allows for all those looking to complete wheelies on their first e-bike very approachable. Of course, I jest, however the TS is extremely light and very easy to push around and perfect for a slender or/and lighter rider.

The Super Soco TS is a twist and go scooter with three ride modes adjusting the amount of torque that you wish to produce. Of course, sport mode on a TS is slightly underwhelming to say the least but for those adrenaline junkies, the TS shouldn't be for you anyway. For the majority, the Super Soco will be left in sport mode due to the lack of power in the other modes. The throttle is very reactive and not much twist is needed to go. A slight criticism that has been adjusted in later versions of the Super Soco such as the Super Soco TS. One thing to note at this point is the gradient climb, with a rather underwhelming statistic of 15 degree gradient that the specs express that the TS can climb may be concerning for any with a couple of hills to conquer on their journeys.

Super Soco use coded smart key enabled push to start and keyless ignition riding technology. However, you still need to unlock the bike and of course lock it again, you do this by using the fob, like opening a car door. So a seamless keyless system exists for the ignition but not quite for the bike overall.

Under the pop-up tank lid, there's a small wallet-and-phone sized storage area, and if you lift the bottom out of that, you get access to the battery box (or boxes; you can fit a second battery to double your range). Accessed by the 'bike key' you will be able to store the 20kg extra battery for those longer rides if needed when you can't get close to an electric outlet. For those riders who put down sizeable hours such as shift work for Deliveroo or Uber Eats riders then this little addition to the TS make an excellent addition for a middle of the shift swap to continue riding outlet free.

In summary, the Super Soco TS look awesome and does a great job for the price you pay. Value for money is what you are getting with the TS and you get quite a bit of that. Truly, designed for slow speed urban riding with no maintenance and low cos of electricity, it becomes a great economical purchase. The TS one of the first affordable electric bikes available round the world and with bigger brothers the Super Soco TC and TC Max offer more power, longer and motorway riding with an overriding affordable price.

Model year reviewed: 2019


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