The TC Max targets the gap between the existing lower powered motorcycles and higher powered vehicles.

The Super Soco TC Max, is an upgraded version of its younger family member, the TC. Side by side, they are identical twins, with no visible changes, every change has been made under the seat. With a top speed of approximately 60mph a significant increase from the original TC top speed of 45mph. A not particularly impressive increase, however, more than fast enough to tackle any motorway (with an A1 licence).

Super Soco TC Max Features

Shanghai-based Super SOCO already has two other electric motorcycles in its arsenal with the Super Soco TC and TS. The new TC Max aiming to target the gap between the existing lower powered motorcycles and higher powered vehicles, dominated by Zero. In the UK this means that you will be able to ride the TC Max on a CBT licence, however you will need a A1 licence at the minimum to ride on motorways. However, for the more aggressive rider, the TC Max has a lot to offer.

The TC Max may appear like a smaller 'L plates' motorcycle but it comes with many significant improvements. Featuring quality Brembo brakes with front and rear wheels linked to one another for simultaneous function.

At the heart of the TC Max is a 72 volt, 45 amp-hour lithium-ion battery. It can hold 3.2 kilowatt-hours of juice, which should give the bike a range of 60-80 miles. Out performing the original TC which produces only 50 miles of range.

The battery included with the TC Max we consider to be on the larger side and rather bulkier, however, a feature that we are finding ever increasingly hard to come by is that the battery is removable. This means, that an outdoor outlet isn't required and although a bit tricky the battery can be taken inside to charge. Additionally, with a charge time of under 5 hours this allows for a quick charge, which means you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

The TC Max overall is a fantastic electric motorcycle for a new rider. Theoretically, you can get on the motorway legally on your A1 licence and the TC Max won't let you down but for any length on the faster roads won't be too enjoyable. On the other hand, for urban commuters or country roads cruising the TC Max is an excellent ride.

Model year reviewed: 2019


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