The world's number 1 electric scooter with upgraded features from the successful N series.

The second generation upgrade of the successful N Series has produced the NGT. It has double the power (3kw) and better battery supply (two 35ah 60v 2100wh Panasonic batteries) as default included in the price, outputting significantly larger range between 50-100 miles depending on the mode. The NIU NGT also can be charged exceptionally fast at 3.5 charging hours.

The three modes that can be selected on the NGT are sport, dynamic and e-save. Dynamic for those everyday rides, sport for a bit more oomph off the line and e-save for anyone looking to maximise range between charges. The sport mode provides a healthy 43 mph from the Bosch motor, an impressive feat for this lightweight electric scooter. Additionally, instead of using both batteries, one can be used and speeds of 28mph can still be reached. Using just the one battery may seem like a strange idea, however, this frees up space under the seat for storage or the ability to ride and charge the second battery.

Like other NIU scooter ranges the NGT has regenerative braking where the kinetic energy generated from braking is resupplied to the motor for an extra boost, auto indicator cancellation and controlled braking system (CBS). CBS links the front and back breaks to prevent over braking at either ends and to distribute breaking force if needed at higher speeds.

Additional features, are halogen lights and app connectivity to monitor health of the scooter from your smartphone, GPS tracking, anti-theft notifications, keyless ignition and updates that can be applied remotely.

Available Colours: Red/White, Red/Black, Black/White.

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