Mutt Mongrel 125

The most Instagrammed bike in the market, the Mutt Mongrel is a combination of an affordable price, reliability and is extremely stylish.

The most Instagrammed bike in the market, the Mutt Mongrel is a combination of an affordable price, reliability and is extremely stylish.

The likes that flow on social media towards the Mongrel is due to the custom looking Mutt, with matt black bodywork, brown seat and wide bars and tyres to match the old British bike look.

The engine is the first feature you will notice...or hear! The Mongrel only has an output of 12hp, however the Mongrel disguises this fact very well. This is mostly down to the chunky bodywork, giving the bike a muscular style, more than it really is.

With nice and wide bars, an upright ride position and a decent saddle height for all riders, the Mongrel is a comfortable ride for all riders.

Mutt Mongrel 2019

The engine noise is unique to the Mongrel and the majority of the Mutt range. The Mongrel fires up with easy into an idle position that will turn a few heads. The silencer tweaked to emit a tone that would make anyone laugh if you said that the engine was only a 125.

The brakes on the Mongrel are strong and so is the suspension, the Mongrel impressively feels like it could take on some off-road before it really seemed to complain.

For the slight and smaller than average person, the Mutt has a claimed top speed of 70mph, however, this bike is not about the top speed, it’s about riding in style. Quick enough to move in and out of traffic but those looking for more oomph will be left in lust.

Despite falling short in speed compared to its rivals the Mongrel has the addictive note that comes out of the exhaust on every twist of the throttle making the ride enjoyable at all points.

Mutt Motorcycles hand crafted in Birmingham also offer a great addition to their range of bikes, including the Mongrel, with custom roots, quite simply at the drop of an email they will be able to make your most wanted changes to the 125 Mongrel. As with all customs, you’d be looking at a price tag of around £4500 instead of the RRP of around £3000 if you wished to flourish your own stamp on the Mongrel.

Away from the manufacturer and looking at the bikes themselves, there a few raised eyebrows at some of the finishing touches on the Mongrel. The clocks feature an small digital gear indicator that looks like it’s from a Casio watch pre-2000.

The assembly of the bike can be viewed as a touch ‘plastic-y’ in parts, such as the throttle. In addition, the mirrors just need to be removed.

Despite these fall-backs, all is forgiven as Mutt seeks for its customers to be creative and customise the bits of the bike that just aren’t for them, after all, not every aspect of the Mongrel will please everyone.

Ok, so, yes some features may come across a bit budget and the custom old bike vibe being a bit forced, the Mongrel is excellently priced and a great first step into bikes for buyers looking to move to something larger and more exciting in time. For now, the Mongrel and Mutt are an excellent addition to the market, bringing a super stylish bike that can be considered a custom, is a great thing for the UK biking market.

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