Mutt Fat Sabbath 125

Neo-retro motorcycle that looks like dark and moody. If you are aiming for the 'badass' look then the Fat Sabbath is for you.

Fat by name and designed to feel fatter and bigger than most other 125cc machines in nature, the Fat Sabbath still uses that Suzuki engine but mates it with a set of chunky, knobbly tyres, a chubby short-pipe and short, stubby mudguards on the front and rear.

The Black Sabbath tribute from Mutt Motorcycles oozes a dark and moody character that can be seen by the Fat Sabbath's black bodywork, parts…well…everything! Mutt has not held back with their black paintbrush that is for certain!

The blacked out bike with a mesh grill over the headlights and diamond embroidered pattern on the seat is a world apart from the typical 125cc market brands like Honda and Yamaha.


The Sabbath is the beefed up model from the original Mutt, the Mongrel. Mutt’s routes are custom motorcycles and the all British manufacturer couldn’t resist the custom feedback of making the newer version of the Sabbath even more black, with no parts unturned. This is exactly what they have created and it is rather awesome (and a little scary).

The Sabbath offers higher and narrower blacked out handlebars than the previous Mutt bikes. A nice touch, which is what the guys at Mutt are all about. Final touches such as the hand-made saddles, offering some fantastic comfort for your posterior.

The scrambler feel is topped off with super thick Continental twin-duro tires, five-speed transmission and a 12-litre fuel tank. A top speed of 70 mph means that the Sabbath is perfectly fitting for the early commute or the weekend fun.

The Sabbath is priced at £3495 and therefore making it at the high end of the market in terms of price. The reason Mutt is able to accomplish this price is the Chinese parts and components that make up all of their bikes. All Mutt bikes have the base of the Suzuki GN125 engines, so Mutt ensures they have a household name under the hood.

Suzuki completes the heavy lifting with the engine and Mutt brings the true British style! The Chinese components shouldn’t sway you away from the Sabbath, as all Mutt’s are built and compiled in the manufacturing heart of Britain at Mutt HQ in Birmingham.

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