Kawasaki J125

A middle market scooter, aimed at the commuter crowd and so what you get in affordability you give up a little in the quality.

The Kawasaki J125 has been around since 2016 but is still one of the best selling maxi scooters on the market. It has everything you’d expect from a scooter of this size - storage, manoeuvrability and range. It’s the definition of a middle market scooter and is very much aimed at the commuter crowd and so what you get in affordability you give up a little in the quality.

It has softer features than its competitors with a smoother and slightly more rounded front end than the hawkish and aggressive offerings from Yamaha and Honda. Despite being 3 years old at this point it still looks modern and keeps up with its recently updated rivals in the looks department.

One of the best features about the J125 is the ABS coming as standard. While this may be a premium scooter for the CBT crowd the ABS is a superb addition for beginner riders who’re looking for a maxi scooter to commute. As mentioned earlier it has been designed for the commuter market with space for a helmet and briefcase under the seat and a bag hook between the rider’s legs.

The J125 uses a combination of Kawasaki parts from the J300 and a Kymco 125cc, single cylinder, 4 stroke engine with an output of around 13.8bhp - hardly class leading but speed is rarely the point with maxi scooters. The little Chinese engine has more than enough pep for town riding despite the slightly lardy 182 kg kerb weight.

The J125 has a town friendly shape and size with a wheelbase of 1.55m and a bottom heavy shape that makes it handy at zipping around town on the commute. It’s got a 13 litre tank that’s good for a range of 275 miles which, again, isn’t a class leading stat but at this price point it’s above par.

Using the body and tech from the J300 and the Kymco engine helps find a good balance between quality and affordability for the J125 meaning it’s one of the cheaper maxi scooters on the market at £4,099.

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