Honda Monkey 125

A commuter and city bike in its simplest form, with new styling that makes your smile wide and jaw hurt every time you see it.

Honda brings together all of the Monkey’s heritage and retro-styling into this commuting 125cc machine. A 125 commuter and city bike in its simplest form, with new 2019 styling that makes your smile wide and jaw hurt every time you see it.

The Monkey is a classic and it’s not hard to express to any road user that this bike is something special and it has been that way throughout the decades since it came to Europe in 1967. The Monkey has an appeal to anyone who lay their eyes on this beauty.

It’s in the name, the Monkey is all about flying through the urban jungle enjoying yourself with every twist, turn and up and down. However, being a Honda means not only do you get the Monkeying around, you get Mr Reliable, it will start on every press of the ignition, every single time.

Honda Monkey Feature

As a 125cc street bike the Monkey is towards the top end of its competitors price bracket and this shouldn’t put you off as you get the high quality Japanese parts that you pay for, with strong components throughout. Of course, don’t relax off the wax cloth just yet as the lush chrome and shiny bits will need a bit of TLC as expected.

Once you hop on to the Monkey you will realise that the shortest of your friends will be able to ride and still get both feet on the ground. Even for the larger rider, don’t be disconcerted by any potential uncomfortable riding position with the exceptionally squishy saddle helping your posterior survive longer rides out on the roads.

The original Monkey was sizeably smaller in size and standover height compared to the 2019 version. We think this is a great addition, and with a top speed of 65mpg it doesn't have a large impact on the top speed, as the Monkey is more than capable of flying past other road users in the urban jungle.

On the turn of the ignition, the HUD gives a cheeky blink, aligning to the entire personality of the Monkey. Pulling away and transitioning through the four-geared transmission is easy and faultless, with the rider left to their own thoughts whilst the Monkey makes it easier than 1,2,3 to make its journey towards gear four.

The greatest upside of the 107kg bike is that it can move in fourth around town without any spluttering of the engine, and whilst in top gear it may actually have a chance of reaching the 189mpg claimed by Honda. Impressive!

With enough torque despite the 9bhp, the Monkey is certainly potent enough to get off the line in any city lights drag race that you may find yourself in. No judgement! On the other side the 5.6 litre tank can see off 200 miles worth of road before it needs to get refuelled, making for some cost-savings across the board.

The easy going Monkey engine is complimented by the handling that is anything but retro, the handling on the Monkey navigates smoothly around the potholes of any inner-city commuting roads that you may find yourself on. The 12 inch wheels and cushioned suspension means riding is as smooth as riding on clouds, ok its not that smooth, but it roles over the ruts and holes with no issue.

In balance with the handling, the Monkey has ABS braking that is sharp and responsive in all weather conditions. However, the protection from adverse weather could certainly be more substantial, especially from the wind at higher speeds.

One of the greatest features may be the most obvious, which is the size and width. The Monkey is supremely versatile and this is largely due to the narrow and stable ride that allows the city streets to become your playground. Filtering through traffic has never been easier and the Monkey truly is the King of the urban jungle.

The Monkey isn’t all fun and games and we have to highlight that although a very hard to beat commuting machine, the drawbacks are if you are looking for copious amounts of storage or carrying a passenger then the Monkey isn’t for you.

Other features include the headlights and for all year round riding the LED lights are a solid feature, offering great illumination for in the dark winter commuting. Additionally, the single dial is easily visible in the sunlight and night.

The Monkey has its flaws but when it comes to this much fun they are brushed aside as easily as the Honda transitions up the gears. For the price of the Monkey you can get similar competitors for a cheaper price, however, those experienced bikers will tell you that the pure excitement from riding the Monkey reminds them of why they started riding in the first place. The Monkey has so much character that you will smile every single day.

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