Honda CB125F

The all rounder of the 125cc market. Mr. Reliable that is the perfect starter and your key to freedom.

You’re obviously looking for a new 125cc motorcycle, otherwise why are you here? But the question you’re probably asking yourself is out of the myriad machines available on the market today, which one is right for you? By considering a Honda you’re already joining the majority of the UK motorcycling population and this choice also says a few other things about you…

A riders classic with 40 years of history, a bike that has barely changed and an engine that goes forever. The CB125F known for being super reliable and extremely popular in Asia and S.America has literally been driven across the world. However, Mr. Reliable offers not much torque or acceleration with 11bhp to its name and many would say reliable is a bit boring.

This being said, with a great turning circle, smoother gearbox than sporty bikes, being significantly cheaper and around having around 100mpg makes the CB125F an entry into the top 15 for those looking to ride the distance. The most significant reason that the CB125F makes our 2019 list is that with its reliability and longevity, the CB125F is the perfect second hand bike. You will be able to pick up a second-hand CB125F for less than £1000, and on top of this long term maintenance costs are low, making the CB125F great value for money.

You obviously value quality because the Honda name is synonymous with well-made and excellently put-together motorcycles, and by looking at the consistently best-selling CB125F you’re probably a fan of reliability and fuel economy too!

Yes, you could describe it as utilitarian, and in that respect it’s probably the perfect commuter motorcycle, but with a revamped fairing setup and its four-speed single-cylinder engine, the balance of the machine provides way more fun than it has any right to.

Sure, at a top speed of 70 mph you’re not going to be overtaking many people on the major roads into work, but for city and town riding it’s as near perfectly pitched a motorcycle as you’re ever likely to find.

The real question is why aren’t we all riding one!?

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