Bullit Hero 125

A fun bike that anyone who didn't have the chance to ride as a new rider look back in envy as the new riders of today enjoy!

​It’s hard not to fall in love with the Bullit Hero 125 based on looks and price alone: it goes for a reasonable £2499 and is sure to attract admiring glances at the traffic lights for its Mad Max style.

Bullit Hero 125

You have the option of the retro-inspired Red/Blue/White colourway or the Titanium Grey, which is post-apocalyptic cool.

With a seat height of 860mm and wide bars, the riding position is surprisingly comfortable and perfect for the taller rider. An upright ride gives you a sense of control and a great view of the road, which is ideal for beginners. (Unlike its equally attractive cafe-racer sibling, the Spirit.)

The chunky Kingstone tyres work great for off-roading and the exhaust produces the rough, authentic sound you want from this style of motorcycle. It’s a bike that will certainly get you noticed!

A slight drawback is the speedo showing in km instead of mph. It won’t matter for off-roading but is worth thinking twice about if you plan to use this bike as your daily commuter in a busy town or city. Its handling is also slightly lazy and the wide bars make it a little harder to weave through tight traffic.

Overall, this is a fun bike and the kind we could have only dreamed of when starting out on a 125. It’s perhaps not the most practical option for a city commuter, but if you’re looking for something that screams “cool” and that you can enjoy both on and off-road, then the Bullit Hero 125 is perfect.

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