1 Stop Instruction Beckton

1 Stop Instruction Beckton, Newham Powerleague, Norwegian Playing Fields, Jenkins Lane, Beckton, IG11 0AD

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Helmet Hire: True

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1 Stop Instruction Beckton, Newham Powerleague, Norwegian Playing Fields, Jenkins Lane, Beckton, IG11 0AD


Mario Mut
Today's (CBT) with ANT session was an absolute game-changer, all thanks to our exceptional instructor, Ant! From the get-go, it was evident that Ant is not only an expert in motorcycle training but also deeply passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. His friendly and approachable demeanor instantly put us at ease, creating a comfortable learning environment for everyone. If you're considering taking a CBT I wholeheartedly recommend Ant as your instructor. His expertise, patience, and genuine passion for teaching will undoubtedly make your CBT experience an unforgettable one. Thank you, Ant, for an incredible day of learning and for equipping us with the skills to embark on our motorcycling journeys with confidence!
Julien P
Just done my CBT, I have to say the instructor Marvin was literally the best ever ! Thanks for everything 🙏🏻
Ali Idriss
I would like to share my experience regarding the CBT motorcycle instructor with whom I recently underwent training. Unfortunately, my experience with this instructor was not positive, and I believe it is important to bring this to your attention. Firstly, I want to highlight that the instructor lacked kindness and friendliness throughout the training. Their overall attitude was unwelcoming, and they seemed unwilling to address questions or provide clear explanations. Their lack of sympathy and patience created a tense atmosphere during the classes, making the learning process difficult and stressful for both me and the other participants. Additionally, I noticed that the instructor never took the time to create a relaxed environment or inject humor during the classes. They always seemed rushed and solely focused on the technical aspects of the training, which contributed to making the experience less enjoyable. Lastly, the instructor displayed a tendency to get easily frustrated. They often expressed their irritation when a participant made a mistake or did not immediately understand their instructions. This reaction was not constructive and created a stressful and discouraging learning environment. I believe it is crucial for an instructor to be kind, patient, and capable of fostering a positive atmosphere during CBT training. Unfortunately, my experience with this instructor did not meet these criteria. I encourage you to take these comments into consideration and take appropriate measures to improve the quality of the training provided. Participants deserve to be guided by competent and compassionate instructors in order to maximize their learning and overall experience.
Had an amazing time doing my cbt, got one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. It was a shame it had to end. Instructor: manik Totally recommend being with this instructor, wouldn’t have changed the day for anything! 10/10! Come to 1stop Instructions for all your training needs!
I highly recommend this place. Tony our instructor for the day was amazing. He was extremely patient and understanding. He a good sense of humour and made the day very easy
Tamás Tóth
Proper introduction to riding. If you're looking for a place to get a thorough course with a good instructor this place is a great choice. It was my second time to do a CBT, and I wish that my first experience would have been the same as this. Manik (our instructor) was meticulous when it came to the course contents, without being boring. He assessed the capabilities of each one of us trough each exercise that were part of the "on site section" and managed his time and attention to make sure that all of us are at the required level to be able to do the on-road part of the training and riding. That meant the repetition of exercises a few more times with some of us. Throughout the course we also had some lively chats and a few laughs. This proves that good mood and collecting vital knowledge are achievable at the same time. In short: This is definitely a place and an instructor that you want to have your first CBT with. Thanks Manik! Great job!
Rokas Jodka
Fantastic teacher with lots of experience, super friendly but strict. Explains things thoroughly in an understandable way. Will 100% be coming back from my CBT or A license. Malik was a great teacher
Anatol G
Just returned from my CBT, it was an amazing experience. Clear instructions, supportive and most important, patient instructors. Special thanks to Martin B. who made my experience stress free and helped riding confidently on public roads. Will come back for my DAS
Gordon Moon
Renewed my CBT with Manik instructing. Overall an excellent experience. Manik is exceptionally thorough and very reassuring as an instructor while making the course fun and interesting. Would highly recommend and would return without hesitation if i need to renew my CBT again. Thanks
fazal faruque
Charlie Green was my instructor for the day, great guy, calm and collective and very easy to communicate with. I have done CBT course before and passed each time but out of all the instructors I’ve I would say Charlie was the best. If your looking to book your CBT course I would recommend you to ask for him.
Ash Khan
Had a great experience doing my CBT here. We had Manik as our instructor and he was super patient and taught us really well. Really nice guy. Biggest thing to note for anyone interested, you have to know the Highway Code. We had people in the group who didn’t know the basics and expected to be able to drive on the roads! I had a great time though and would highly recommend.
Moha Med
Manik was brilliant and make it easy for us if you follow him and listen to what he says you will have a good knowledge about riding a motorbike was such a lovely experience thanks to 1 stop instruction.
Adam Gale
Very clear and detailed instruction, very focused and certainly more stringent then previous CBT training centres, can only been seen as a positive. A necessity made enjoyable. Thank you to all concerned.
Ali Hojabrian
Amazing experience! Passed my CBT with my instructor Martin, he is real fun and keeps going through all the essential knowledge you need to have for passing. Highly recommended!
Basith Ali Hamza
We got a Fantastic training by AM PLAY FORD and best place to take CBT.
City Rider
Today's experience was nice. Definitely recommend. Easy and you will learn.
kranthikumarreddy yeruva
Waste of time , no proper instructors, CBT means it’s first course for the people who are going to bike on road, it’s your responsibility to teach all the road rules and bike rules. We are paying 180£ for learning not simply getting CBT and it’s your responsibility to teach not simply saying that you don’t know road rules you are not fit please book again with 180£ and come back again…
Cavell Johal
Fantastic instructors. A great place to get your CBT done!

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