Phoenix Motorcycle Training Bath

Phoenix Motorcycle Training Bath, Walcot Rugby Club, Landsdown Road, Bath, BA1 9BJ

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Phoenix Motorcycle Training Bath, Walcot Rugby Club, Landsdown Road, Bath, BA1 9BJ


Aaron Jones
Phoenix motorcycle training bath carried out all my training from CBT to completion of my full license. Chris the instructor was great throughout, very knowledgeable and great training methods used throughout! Would highly recommend Chris and phoenix if you are looking for any motorcycle training!
Harry Neuer
Class day, bit odd to be in rugby changing rooms. How ever Chris was brilliant and very concise, he made the learning experience fun and inclusive. The practical part was amazing riding with Chris in your ear talking about random stuff, and ofcourse giving us directions and making me feel at ease. It was a very good experience overall. Chris you're a legend hope your drum play comes along 👌🏼
William Strode
Chris was absolutely amazing, made the riding experience as simple and painless as possible. An ideal coach for anyone nervous about getting on a bike or scooter!
Darryl B
Phoenix have been great from start to finish. I was able to complete my CBT, as well as the direct access course for my A license. Thanks to Twiggy and Chris for the excellent instruction and fun rides. Cheers.
Bruce Lin
This is a not so pleasant learning process. Since I paid the money, you should provide corresponding services. Due to the misjudgment of my level by the coach, after the failure of mod2, I have to spend £250 a day of training fees and £200 a day of mod 2 fees. Quite expensive, I took cbt and mod 1 here, and mod 2 at the same time 3 times. Here I really want to ask about "C". If I had a lot of riding problems during the training day, why didn't I tell me in more details and cancel my test? Instead of being like a cowboy making me pay again and again and wasting my time. And if you don't want to teach me, you can ask another coach to teach. Here to inform the readers that I am a complete novice and have no driving experience in the UK before learning cbt. A instructor “C” in this driving school asked me to train for a day, and I took it to test mod 2 in about 5 hours. How ridiculous! If you don't have time to arrange my courses, then you have to refuse my payment, and make me wait for almost a month every time to practice for the exam Regarding prices, prices are available on their website. But here is a reminder to everyone who wants to sign up for study, if you fail mod 2, you need to spend 250 pounds a day for training and 200 pounds for a test fee. At the same time, you still need to wait for nearly a month to arrange your training and test. I already have my driver's license now. And spend less money. I still use the latest mt07 2022 in another driving school, not the broken cb500 and dilapidated z650 of this Phoenix driving school. At last,I spent about 1500 pounds in this driving school, and I didn't get the service and guidance I deserved. If you have no road experience at all, I don't recommend you to come here to learn. High fees and long waits.
michael carden
Did my CBT with Will - very patient! Then did my mod one and two with Chris also very patient - took a few goes on mod 1 (my fault) but passed Mod 2 first-time Thanks both of you for what (with hindsight of course after the sweat of the tests) was a great experience
Ollie Hill
Fantastic day of training with everything clearly explained. The instructor Mitch was very thorough, friendly and happy to take on any questions or concerns. New 21 plate bikes, great to ride.
Jonski Horwood
Really friendly staff arranging the course and tests. Instructors on the days were so helpful. Giving enough advice mixed with freedom to allow real progress and development of good habits. Prepping for final test Will was outstanding in ensuring felt confident and calm. Have already and will recommend again.
Dany Mitchell
I really enjoyed the CBT training that i took part in on 04/06/22. The instructor was very knowledgeable and gave very practical and concise instruction on the day. My only issue is that the practice pad we trained on at the Walcott Rugby club is too small. It means that whilst practice riding you are constantly going around in circles which means that trying to concentrate on the area of concern at a particular moment is hard. I do also think that it would make sense if the CBT for brand new riders who have had no experience on tow wheels should be 2 days not one as there is a lot of practical and theory that needs to be taken on board in a one very long day course. However i do now have the bug after completing the course and do want to get out and purchase my first 125 bike so i can practice for passing my test.
Ronan Finnegan
Simon was patient and extremely helpful. I'm very glad I asked Phoenix to help me to get my CBT! 10/10 - great experience.
Scottie mckean
Just Successfully passed Mod 1 & 2 with Phoenix Bath. Our instructor Chris ( From Bath) was amazing. His instructions were clear and extremely practical. I felt fully prepared for both of my tests. I would totally recommend them to anyone thinking of getting their full bike licenses. Im 53 by the way, so apparently you can teach old dogs new tricks. Thank you once again Chris, and the Phoenix team, you were brilliant.
Luke Jerome
My Wife and I took our CBT's at Walcot RFC last Saturday with Phoenix having not ridden any form of motorbike or scooter before. Mark was genuinely friendly and put any worries and reservations we had at rest. He took his time to go through all the procedures and manoeuvres in a helpful and informative manor. Really do feel he went above and beyond to make us feel at easy which is so important when out on the road. We both now feel confident and will have no hesitation in booking with Phoenix for our Full Tests. Thanks Guys! Luke & Sophie
Joe Bently
Direct access course passed in a week. Adrian very helpful and worked around my limited availability. Highly recommended.
Harry Dockerill
Very great training and advice. Tried their best to fit me in as soon as possible despite the current circumstances. Got me a first time pass on both tests. Cheers Adrian!

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