Fatboy Motorcycle Training Gosport

Fatboy Motorcycle Training Gosport, St Vincent College, Mill Lane, , Gosport, PO12 4QA

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Bike Hire: True

Helmet Hire: False

Gloves and jackets Included: False

On site Cafe: False

On Site cafe: False

Indoor Classroom: False


Fatboy Motorcycle Training Gosport, St Vincent College, Mill Lane, , Gosport, PO12 4QA


Jed Exodus
Contacted a couple of weeks ago, was instructed to send message with request, no response. Left a few days to see if they were busy. Contacted again in the week and left a voicemail message this time, no response. That was a week last Tuesday/Wednesday. Given up and contacted ADT an hour ago, they picked up immediately and I'm booked in for this Sunday.
Duncan wilde
Great team, enjoyable experience,safe and knowledgeable, thoroughly reccomend these guys. THIS REVIEW WAS WRITTEN BY ME ABOUT " KICKSTART MOTORCYCLE TRAINING" GOSPORT... PLEASE DON'T USE IT FOR ANOTHER COMPANY..... ✌️
Best place to learn how to ride! Great staff and they always give the best advice!
Matt Gill
Really good experience. Went in without much knowledge or experience on mopeds and left with a CBT certificate (thanks to Simon) after being taught the basics. Staff is very friendly and a proper laugh, 5stars without a doubt
Liam Wright
Very good instructors, very helpful. First time riding and they made my CBT enjoyable aswell as instructional. After a day with them i am confident now on a bike. Thanks !
A Google User
Thank you to all the team, but especially many thanks to Jake for the amazing CBT I have received. I was looking for riding schools for a long time, but ended up biting the bullet and going to the closest one - Kick Start Rider Training. The other reviews are certainly true, the guys are friendly but professional, and know exactly what they are doing. I was quite anxious on the day, but they made sure that I knew exactly what we will be doing throughout, and that calmed my nerves. I ended up doing my CBT on 2 days, as I didn't feel confident enough to go out on the road, and Jake was very accommodating. I will be returning next year for DAS, top notch!
Snow Zombie
Utterly crackers but all the best bikers are. Good bunch of lads. :)
Jim Grey
Never really knew what to expect but all the instructors were amazing - Pinky, Jake and Andy all got me from pre-CBT to full license (first time passes on each phase), with much patience, understanding and invaluable advice !! Can't recommend highly enough !!!
Connor Harcourt
So I used these guys for my full test and I must say I was very impressed. They make you feel safe and they do not judge. There a little nutty but what do you expect there bikers. I would recommend anyone novice or experienced to use these guys. Amazing and friendly people.
Philip Jacobs
Can't recommend these guys highly enough, see there Facebook for more reviews. They got me through my direct access mod 1 and 2 both first time and I had a great time doing it. Since there training I have ridden all over from Cheddar Gorge to Central London, during which my skills built up over training (only a couple weeks ago!) have kept me safe. Thought it best to list reasons you should train with these guys: - Great bunch of guys, motorbikes are clearly there life. There all friendly and natural teachers. - They have a range of excellently maintained modern bikes. Meaning you have a choice of bikes to ride and see what suits. In addition to having mod cons such as abs that can turn a dangerous to a minor on tests if nerves get the best of you. - Willing to be flexible and work around you. I had booked my own tests via cancellations and they were the only provider I rang willing to work around that. Very helpful. - Excellent value, they do long days training which are kept fun with some decent roads thrown in. - Won't spend more tine than you need just to earn extra cash. I had booked 3 days and Olly told me at the half day point on one I was ready for the mod 1 and it was up to me if we continued or I could save the cost of the half day. Seeing I had booked it I thought this was very good of them. - They have a decent off road space for training and also use the actual mod 1 test area on weekends. There also located very close to the test centre which is ideal. I'm sure there's something I missed. Although this should be enough to convince you to train with these guys, they deserve your business.

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