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Yamaha YS125 | Simple, Lightweight and Dependable

When Yamaha announced that they were going to discontinue their bestselling YBR125 the hearts of new riders, commuters and delivery people everywhere skipped a beat… This was the bike that had sold over 50,000 units since it’s introduction in 2005 and the motorcycle upon which many people cut their riding teeth. But they needn’t have worried, because hot on the heels of the trusted, Yamaha workhorse comes the Yamaha YS 125.

Built to comply with the new Euro4 emission requirements of the EU, Yamaha have taken everything that people loved about the YBR125 and updated nearly all of it - new engine, new styling, new lights, LCD display, a fancy new upswept silencer and a 14 litre tank that - if ridden frugally - should be good for a range of 180 miles and upwards!

Yamaha 125 street rider

The new, single-cam motor - with its 11bhp - isn’t going to break speed records, and you’re never likely to hit over 60mph (even if you do manage to slipstream the local Tesco delivery van) but that’s not the point of the Yamaha 125.

It’s a dependable, simple machine that will get you from A to B and back again with as little fuss and trouble as possible. And it will do it again, and again, and again…

Yamaha YS 125 Specifications

Price: £2,899

Engine: 125cc, single cylinder, two-stroke

Power: 10.5bhp -

Range: 100mg -300 miles

Licence needed : CBT (Over 17 years old)

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