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Suzuki Van Van 125: The Trendy Workhorse Bike

It seems as though the Suzuki Van Van 125 has been around forever and in one way or another it has - introduced in 2003 the Suzuki RV125 Van Van has a dedicated following amongst the urban commuter crowd based around its low running costs and unique style. We all recognise a Van Van because of the retro looks, long low seat and that chunky rear wheel. All together it keeps a fairly rudimentary bike relevant in a world where its main competition are bikes like Honda’s MSX125 and stylish scooters.

Suzuki Van Van 125 front view

The 125cc engine is a 4 stroke unit that has remained mostly unchanged during the bike’s 15 year production history. Getting fuel injection in 2007 modernised the engine enough to get a decent 60mph out of the Van Van - hardly an A road mile munching cruiser but more than enough around town or on the commute.

The Suzuki Van Van 125’s engine is a GN125 and anyone who has heard of Mutt Motorcycles will be familiar with it as it’s the same bulletproof unit used in Mutt’s 125cc models. It's a reason not to worry about reliability and the engine has been in production so long there is a market rife with spare and performance parts (if you’re that way inclined).

Suzuki Van Van 125 side view

Looks is where the Suzuki Van Van 125 really wins its fans - it has retro cool with the low comfortable and upright seating position, wide bars and a single front headlight. It's certainly a smaller bike but oozes cool.

A fairly common sight around town is a Suzuki Van Van 125 wearing L plates and this isn’t too surprising the combination of the lightweight, low seat, wide bars and wide tyres make for a stable learner bike with a tight turning circle excellent for the CBT commuter.

Certainly a bike that is style over substance as every positive point, good fuel consumption, seems to be counteracted by something inconvenient, no fuel gauge (or light) - however they are very trendy and reliable. They can be found all over the internet in varying conditions. You'd be looking at a price range of £1,500 to £2,000 but make sure to get one of the later EFI models.

Engine - 125cc

Power - 12 bhp

Transmission - 6 speed manual

Seat Height - 770mm

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