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The New (old) Honda Super Cub is Set For 2018 launch

The Honda Super Cub is back - and it’s going to be better than ever. What is the Honda Super Cub we hear you cry? Well, even if you don’t think you know anything about motorcycle makes or models, you’ll absolutely recognise the classic styling of Honda’s little runabout/workhorse scooter, because it's basically the bike that launched millions of bikers onto the roads of the world after their CBT Training. Seriously, by the end of 2017 Honda had claimed to have passed the 100 million Super Cubs into production milestone. Think about that for a second, 100 million of the little scooters have graced the world’s roads, city streets and dirt-paths. Phenomenal.

honda super cub

So why has it been so successful? Well, it’s always been cheap and it’s always been practical; seriously, when it was being developed in the 1950s, Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa from the company made a request that whatever was designed should be able to be ridden one-handed so that noodle delivery couriers could carry the takeaway items in the other.

And now it’s back.

Due to hit European shores in 2018, the redesigned 50cc and 110cc models of the bike are now potentially even better, with sexy LCD dashboard, LED lights aplenty, fuel-injection, ABS as standard and clutchless, semi-automatic gearing. And it looks like they’re going to be relatively cheap too - with the US price coming in at around $3,500, we expect a similarly aggressive pricing here in the UK.

honda super club dashboard

Will a practical, workhorse style of scooter be the thing that gets everyone back onto two-wheels? Or are we living in an age of glitz and glamour that the Super Cub is simply too old for? Time will tell… But we here at RideTo reckon that a 100 million riders can’t be wrong, and that the new Honda Super Cub really will be the bike that’s perfect for everyone.

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