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Honda PCX125 | Revamped in 2018 - But Still Brilliant!

Honda’s venerable PCX 125 has sold over 140,000 machines on European soil since it’s introduction seven years ago and there’s a very good reason why - it’s great!

Hitting the roads in 2018 with a new steel frame and plastic fairing the new bike has lost nearly 2.5 kg of weight from its body and added some power to its 125cc engine - which now produces a comfortable street power of 12.05 bhp.

Honda PCX125

As a commuter machine the durable and hard-working PCX125 is hard to beat… With a real world mpg figure of around 120 mpg and near bulletproof reliability the new PCX125 is nippy enough around town to suit most tastes and has a history of coming with surprisingly smart technology too.

The original machine was the first ever one to come with a side-mounted radiator and now most models come with idling stop technology; which means that the engine will come to a quiet stop when you’re at a standstill in traffic but then instantly spark into life the moment you twist the throttle.

Honda PCX125 side view

There’s no ABS on the new machine, but we’ve never heard complaints as to the braking power of the PCX125 and the PCX was one of the very first scooters to come with linked brakes and has always outperformed other scooters in this area.

With a tank that lasts over 200 miles and a top-speed registered on the dash as 70mph, there’s more than enough bike to cater for the majority of people’s riding needs.

Honda PCX125 Specifications

Price: £2,799

Engine: 125cc, single cylinder, Liquid-cooled 4 stoke.

Power: 11.1 bhp

Top Speed: 70mph

Insurance group: 5/17 - Compare quotes now

Licence needed : CBT (Over 17 years old)

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